How to Make a French Braid Bracelet (The Loom Is Optional)




Introduction: How to Make a French Braid Bracelet (The Loom Is Optional)

Hello everyone! In this tutorial I am gonna show you how to make a french braid loom charm, you can do it with rhe same tool you use to make the fishtail or single, etc. I would recommend using 2 colors cause it gives the look that it is divided :) now lets get started!

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need :
*2 pins of a loom (you can also do it with your fingers)
*Any hook at all
*Your bands (I recommend using 2 colors) 40 of a color if you are only using one 20 of ech color if you use 2 colors.
*And finally an S or C clip

Step 2: Beggining

You start as a normal fishtail, 3 bands amd take the bottom off then you put another band but this time you will take the middle band from your left side and the bottom one from your right side, put another band and do the same but over around you take the bottom one from your left and middle from your right. You continue this way all the way.Yhere should always be w of the same color in 1 side and 1 of one color and the other of another in the other.

Step 3: Finishing Up

After you continue with the steps all the way till' it fits your wrist it should look something like this :)

Step 4: Finished.

put your last band and put all of the bands on it, finally put a S or C clip and close it up. Hope you enjoyed making this bracelet, dont forget to ♥, comment, rate and subscribe if you ever make one don't bother sending a pic of it to me, I hope I helped, see you next tutorial. :)



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    Hahaha i cant make it perfect but this instructable is very helpful

    its is liitle hard but... i have done it! thanks for your help. see my creations. :-)

    You are welcome, this website helped me alot so I started making my own to help other people :) I'm glad you liked it!