How to Make a Gas RC Into Fast Electric RC




   You may want to make a gas RC electric as I show you for a few reasons. One methanol costs $30 per gallon after you drive to Hobbytown to get it. Two you don't like using fossil fuels for fun. Or three you have a gas RC with an engine that has low, compression like me. This can cost you about $40 on nitro (not including shipping).

Step 1: Take the Engine Off

   First you will have to take the engine, speed controlling  servo, battery case, and fuel tank off. If you stripped the head of the screw too much I suggest using a cutting blade on a dremel and grind through the center so you can make it a flat head.

Step 2: Buy Stuff You Don't Have

   You will need a speed controller, a motor (try to get the cheapest motor with the highest kv rating), a battery (try to get the highest mah per price), at least 1/8 inch steel, and a gear that will screw onto your motor and still fit the gear pitch of the spur gear (the big gear).  

Step 3: Build a Motor Mount

  You will have to build a motor mount. First I measured the hight I wanted the motor off the chassis (it is better to have it closer to the chassis). You will either have to measure the distance from the gear to the motor mounts or make 2-3 holes about a 1/4 inch away from the gear on the side the motor will be mounted. I added the measurements plus 1/2 an inch for safety and to mount the motor so it won't go half way up the motor. Drill the holes at the right spot to attach the motor.

Step 4: Add Tension

   I mounted the motor correctly , but I learned the motor had so much torque it could bend the body enough to strip the gear. I cut a long piece of thin gauge metal so it would make the motor and the gears at the right tension.

Step 5: Install the Electronics

   Make sure you attach the electronics well like using double sided tape on a clean surface. If you want a solar panel on the top I  got the multi-voltage .6 walt panel at harbor freight. I took it apart and cut it with a hack saw and  a dremel. I put both panels in series then parallel. This puts 6 volts out. I soldered a plug for the battery to the panel and made sure the polarity was right. I used double sided tape to attach this also.

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    1 year ago

    how do i get the correct pinion gear

    That's correct. I race my Traxxas T-maxx at my local track. They can sell it to racers for a fraction of the store cost. though I never got it for only $10. I usually paid anywhere from $15-$20 for mine. If you don't have a local track, consider searching the internet for local r/c enthusiasts clubs. :)

    3 replies

    Yeah, i recently sold my T-maxx. I would not recommend it as a beginner's or for your first nitro. Its definitely an advanced model for experienced enthusiasts. I had mine for about three years and had nothing but trouble the whole time.

    charles gray

    6 years ago on Introduction

    That is an cool idea but its going to run you a lot of money on parts and it will get very tricky. You would have to change almost all your internals, might as well buy a Nitro car


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i dont know what else they add to R/C engines but any backwoods race track has people who sell nitro-methane, or methanol for racing. Last time i checked it was about $10 a gallon.