How to Make a Gig-chain (a Key Chain for Gigs)




Introduction: How to Make a Gig-chain (a Key Chain for Gigs)

 Me and my band had our first gig recently and I was missing some particular things such as a drum key and a tuner. So this is my solution. 

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Step 1: Find a Good Sized Carabiner

 you can find these at dicks sporting goods but some companies give them out for free.

Step 2: Add a Drum Key

 for drummers you ABSOLUTLY HAVE TO HAVE A DRUM KEY for gigs. So find a ring of some sort or a ring from a water bottle. Then take some string and tie the ring to the key.

Step 3: Laser Pointer

 It's not really good for anything but it's just fun to have. You can get these for 3 or 4 dollars at a convenience store.

Step 4: Tuner

 This is acctually a pitch pipe and if you can't match pitch then your done with your keychain. But I took a pen and blew on it like a coke bottle and filed it down until it was an "E" witch was about 1/3 of the way down a full clear tube is an "A" and the full white tube is an "F".

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    2 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I worked as a roadie for 7 years, and I always carried a carabiner with a few bits and pieces. If I were you, I'd swap out the useless laser pointer for a very useful maglite solitaire or a small led keyring torch...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

     yeah ive modified it alot since then and i carry it all the time...thanks for the tip, and yes i do have a small led now:)