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In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a glass of wine with Blender, a free 3d modeling program. You can get it here.Here's a picture of the final project:

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Step 1: First Step: Add a Plane

Open Blender and delete the cube that's there by default(it's already selected, then just press delete).A window will appear, saying"OK?Erase selected object".Press Enter. Now you will need to add a plane.
In the "Add" menu, click on "Mesh->Plane".

Step 2: Second Step: Modify It in Edit Mode

First you need to go in edit mode. For this, do as shown in the picture, or press Tab. Then press 7 on the numpad to switch to upper view. Then, while holding shift, right-click on a point. Then press delete.
In the menu that appears, click "vertices".
Don't worry, three points disappeared , but the only one you need is the remaining one. Move this point to one square to the right from the center:right-click on it, then move it with the red and green arrows while holding ctrl.

Step 3: Third Step: Give Your Glass Its Shape

Now shift to front view by pressing 1 on the numpad. Now we're gonna use the "Extrude" tool. With your point selected, press E. A new point wil appear, linked to the previous one. Move it one square to the left. To do this, move your mouse to the left while holding ctrl. Then press E again, and move the new point one square upper, then press E again and move the new point one square to the right, then press E one last time and move the new point two squares upper. If you did it correctly, it should look like this(if the arrows aren't there and the lines aren't yellow, it doesn't matter):

Step 4: Fourth Step: Correct It

First move the two points on the left a little bit on the right with the red arrow. To select them, first press a so that no point is selected anymore, then press b and move the cursor near the upper one, then while holding the left button of your mouse move it so that it makes a rectangle around the two points. Then move them with the red arrow. Don't hold ctrl while doing this, you don't want your points to be at the same level as the others. Once you've done this, you can use "spin" on your glass.

Step 5: Fifth Step:spin It!

Now you should have, in the area shown in the image, a button with "spin" written on it. If not, press F9 and it will appear. Under the button is written "degr:90.00". Click on it(between":" and the number) and type 360. Then press Enter.After this, press A once or twice( twice if there are points selected and once if not), press 7 to switch to upper view, click the spin button and voila! You're(almost) done. There are just a few more things to do:
-press A twice
-press w, and in the menu that appears, click on "remove doubles". A litte window should pop up saying "removed 5 vertices". Click on it to close it.
-switch to object mode(do as shown on the first picture).
If you don't know how I got the view for the second picture, push the button in the middle of your mouse and move your mouse while holding it. You can also zoom in and zoom out if you scroll forward or backwards.

Step 6: Sixth(and Final)step: Improve It and Finish It

In this step you will make your glass more beautiful, and even translucent. First you will apply a "subsurf" modifier to your glass. To do this, you must click the "add modifier" button and choose "subsurf" in the menu that pops up. Now, under the "add modifier" menu is written "subsurf", and under it "catmull-clark", and under it, "levels". Set this value to 2 if you've got a not so powerful computer and to 4 or more if you've got a better one( not too big though, after 5 you don't even notice it anymore). Set the value under it to that it is the same as the previous one. Once you're done, click on the "set smooth" button (it's shown on the second picture).
Once you've done this, press F5 to switch to "Shading". The lowest part of your screen should be overall grey except for a button on which is written "Add new", under "link to object". Click on it.
Now some columns will appear, labeled "preview", "material", "ramps", etc. If it isn't already selected(=in a lighter grey than the others) select it by clicking on its name. Then click the "ray transp" button and increase the value of "fresnel"(set it to 1 or a bit more). Then you will use the "material" column. There should be a grey rectangle with "col" written next to it. Click on it. The window that appears allows you to choose a new color for the glass. Well then, it's time to render it. Press F10, then press the "Render" button(it's quite big, I won't put a screenshot because I guess you won't miss it). A window will pop up an soon, your awesome glass of wine will appear. To save it, press F3 and select the folder you want it to be put in(you have to type the whole way to the folder, I know that's annoying).

Congratulations! You've made an awesome glass of wine with Blender!If you want to see a few more things I did with blender, you can go there. If you want an instructable on the airship or the steam machine(or something else), you just have to ask, but it will take some time to make.You can tell me what you think of my glass in the comments and post pictures of yours or other stuff you made.

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    36 Discussions

    Okay, got the new laptop, and blender runs...yay!

    holy crap.

    I see why you said to start simple. I don't understand much of this at all. by the way, how hard would it be to create a Midgar-like cityscape for a film I am planning on making?

    2 replies

    It depends on how detailed you want it to be, but given your lack of experience... pretty hard. Well, the modeling shouldn't be too difficult, but that's not the main problem. For example, in the picture below, there are very detailed textures, particle effects, and some partly transparent planes, it seems... It's feasible, but it would take quite a while to do. At least three weeks, since you'll have to learn as you go. Or you can make it simpler and it will take less time, but will it be suitable for your film?


    It doesn't need to be real detailed. I am mostly going to use it for panoramic backgrounds by using a matte key on the sky of my shots. in other words, replace the real sky with the cityscape skyline.

    A good example of what I am thinking of is this picture I photoshopped from a picture of Cloud looking at Midgar in "Advent Children". I originally used the pic for my film's concept art.

    Senior Project Design Picture Finished.jpg

    I'm new to blender, and I saw that there is a game engine. I'm thinking about trying to make a Final Fantasy-styled RPG. Hmmm..... Does anyone know how to create some not-to-complex (Ocarina of Time quality) character models? If so, could someone post an instructable?

    4 replies

    The model itself shouldn't be hard, but you'll have to make detailed UV textures to make up for the lack of polygons. btw if you're new to Blender, I wouldn't recommend making an RPG as your first game, try something simpler, or it's bound to fail. But making the characters should be witihin your reach, I'll try and make one, and I'll post an Instructable if I succeed.

    well, I know it sucks, but... you should start with something not more complicated than a 3d pong, so you can learn some Game Blender's basics. Then you can search for some game tutorials, there are quite a lot of 'em on the net. But it will take a long time before you can make an rpg, I think.

    Well, it is all a moot point now, at least for a while, because my computer will not run MS visual C++, or whatever it is required to run Blender.

    GRRRRR!!!!! Stupid computer!

    Let's hope I get a new laptop soon.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice tutorial, the lighting in your final render makes it hard to see, but otherwise pretty good. Here's a goblet I modeled a while back, I used a NURBS Surface and a spotlight with several normal lamps to get the lighting. Might look better with faked GI, but I'm too lazy to set that up :P.

    Goblet with NURBS background.jpg
    5 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thats awsomeXD. but for some reason, if i ever use any transparent/shiny materials,they work in therender, but not when the game is running:P please help, otherwise iwont really be able to make anything i want to do at all


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Are you trying to ray trace it?  I'd imagine that Blender wouldn't let you do ray tracing in-game, as it's so resource intensive.  But other than that, I don't have any suggestions... I haven't used the Blender game engine, I use Unity most of the time.  Try looking at the game engine documentation.

    By the way, how difficult is it to get into Blender's game engine?  As in how much scripting knowledge, etc., is required.  I've been avoiding it because Unity is pretty easy to get used to, but I don't feel like spending 1,500 bucks so I can publish commercial games.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Now that looks nice! Seems you're pretty good at lighting (better than me anyway, though it's not hard). BTW what is GI?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    GI stands for Global Illumination. It gives nice, even lighting. The picture below isn't mine (I got it from the Blender Wiki) but it gives you an idea of what GI can accomplish.

    Ex Marinebob321

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    well super3boy isn't really a modeler he just knows and understands blender and so he makes tutorials


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    well i have made some really cool water droping thingy and have also done some cool cloth animations i also made a charecter that is really detailed you