How to Make a Army Glider !

Introduction: How to Make a Army Glider !

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With an A4 paper , you can make a glider , that can fly about 10 Meter or more , If you make it carefully .

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Step 1: Fold Unto Back

Before folding , you can make or find a army material page . I made this material on my paper with color pencils . But I you like better , you can print a army material or picture .

Now ,  Fold the A4 paper of have unto back .

Step 2: Edges

Fold the edges look like picture to middle .

Step 3: Fold Edges on Button

Now put the fold edges on the button of paper . Remember hat should have a little distance till button .

Step 4: Fold Corners

Fold the corners on middle line . Middle line is presumptive .

Step 5: Fold Tongue

Fold the tongue to up .

Step 6: Piece

Fold the pieces to back .

Step 7: Half !

Suppose a middle line , look like picture . And fold the half piece on other .

Step 8: Final !

It's the final project . You can decoration it with a marker or other material . Remember you do not add any weight on your glider .
This glider can fly about 10 meter or more . If you make it carefully .
Good luck !

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