How to Make a Glue Bookmark


Introduction: How to Make a Glue Bookmark

This is what you will need !

steo one is : color the colored box with washable colors !!
step two: Than put glue on top

Remeber color box markers (washable) glue (washable)



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    6 weeks ago

    Hi well i want to dobit but i don’t have the box what can i do now ⍰

    1 reply

    U can use anything with that shape but it must be a plastic or glass. Just make sure that the 'item' u use won't be rusty.

    Ok, this looks really cool, but I don't quite understand what's going on here.
    Does the color from the box transfer to the glue? What does the finished piece look like when it's removed from the box?

    1 reply

    I used to do this in like 4th grade lol
    You color the area of the art box that you are placing the glue in with the markers and ink on the box gets mixed in with glue. When it is dry and you remove it from the box it has the colors of the ink swirled in it and looks almost transparent, depending on how thick you made the glue.