How to Make a Grim Reaper Scythe for Halloween



Introduction: How to Make a Grim Reaper Scythe for Halloween

This year, I planned a Grim Reaper costume for Halloween, and to complete that...I needed a scythe..and instead of buying one , I decided to make my own, and it turned out to be a grand success :D

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Step 1: The Materials & Tools Required

The materials required-
Foam dowels
Sturdy Cardboard
Scotch Tape
adhesive( white glue and petroleum based adhesive)
Black construction paper
Golden paper
Silver paper/ tin foil
Black Acrylic Paint

The tools required-
a knife
a pencil
a measuring tape

Step 2: Making the Base

Cut out a 3 ft piece from the foam dowel...If yours was a short one like mine...get 2 of them and join them together tightly with glue and tape..

Then cut out a basic blade shape from the cardboard and attach it tightly to one end of the dowel with tape.

Step 3: Painting the Handle

Now...wrap the whole of the foam dowel with tape...wrap it tightly to make sure that the blade does not fall off....Wrap the whole thing up.

Now take the black paint and slap it on the whole thing except the blade...
Now, cut strips of golden paper and wrap them at the two ends.. the upper end below the blade and the lower end of the hilt

Step 4: Making the Blade

now..trace the shape of the blade onto a sheet of silver paper or tin foil. Then cut the shape out and paste it on the cardboard blade with glue

Step 5: Your Scythe Is Almost Ready

Your scythe is now almost ready...cut out a wide strip of black construction paper and paste it at the middle of the scythe

Step 6: Your Scythe Is Now Complete

Congrats! You finished your scythe..Now you can use it with a Grim Reaper costume or you can pair it up with some fantasy character costume

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