How to Make a Hairstyle With Green Foam Moss




Introduction: How to Make a Hairstyle With Green Foam Moss

Step 1: Materials

Green foam moss, hairpins, hairspray/foam, a hair elastic and a hairbrush.
Decoration: Butterflies from a flower decoration or whatever you can find.

Step 2:

Shape the green foam moss with a rounding in the top. You do so by marking where to cut and then cut with a knife.

Step 3:

Part your hair in the back of your head, and tie the hair in the front of the parting in a nut.
Place the foam moss on the parting, and take the hair from the back and cover the back side of the foam moss.

Step 4:

Now take the hair from the front and the back and make a small ponytail on the top of the foam.

Step 5:

Put hairpins and hairfoam in the hair so everything is held in place, and then hide the ponytail.

Step 6:

Now you have a spectacular hairstyle, but if you want to you can decorate it. Ex. with butterflies from a flower decoration or a hat made of sponges.



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    16 Discussions

    very funny. i shall have to try it out. too bad halloween is just over.

    Wow! tee- hee- hee I wanna try the Marge Simpson one too. I wonder if blue coolaid would work for a temporary hair colour? The application could work for so many things-I can see putting a fake birds nest in it, or spock-like ears. :0)

     NO....don't use Kool-aid, unless you want your hair to be permanently blue.  Had a college friend learn the hard way.

    this is nuts!!Love  it! I could pull off an awsome bride of frankenstine with this idea!

    This is so awesome. It gives me lots of ideas for my next Halloween party. I would have never thought to use the floral foam in my hair!

    Very cool Idea. As all good instructables do, this inspires other possibilities! Such as using foam of different shapes to make other hair styles, or use two and making "pig tails" or even adding fake hair to make a ponytail! The ideas just keep pouring out! Thanks for that!

    groovy gonna show this one to my wife shes mad enough to do this for parties. great ible

    That looks like Oasis. A foam used wet by florists. Love the stuff. Only problem with it is, once there's a hole, there's a hole. You can't put a flower in, and decide it needs to move a quarter of an inch to the right, but in the same angle and such. Just doesn't work that way. But it's fun to play with. XD

    Yet another reason to regret shaving my head :( But lo! there is a wig shop near my house. I bet this would work with a wig too.

    Aww! I wish I had seen this for Halloween, I wanted a beehive, but didn't have any idea how to make it work. This would have been perfect.

    Great stuff! Makes me wish I had hair too =D

    That looks really cool! It would work great for costumes, or just to look cool and froody...