How to Make a Ham Holder




Introduction: How to Make a Ham Holder

After all those jamón (Spanish dry-cured ham) stories by Alex Exler I've read, I felt an urge to give it a try. And one day I saw one in the local grocery store: Villar Jamon Serrano Reserva, weight ca. 7 kg for € 49.95. It is just advisable to get acquainted with jamón by tasting its cheapest varieties.

However there was no holder included, and it's quite a hassle to handle jamón without it. Local stores couldn't really help me with an affordable jamonera. The prices started at three hundred euros which is in my opinion an overkill, especially for a fifty-euro worth jamón.

Another option would be to buy a holder online. The prices start at 25-30 euros, but then you have to wait for delivery. To cut the long story short, I decided to make one myself. Hence this how-to.

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