How to Make a Hand Painted Recipe Book




I am happy to share some of my secrets of how to paint feathers,birds or some cooking recipes. I ...

I would like to share with you this cool tutorial- how to make unique hand painted recipe book!

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Step 1: You Are Going to Need:

  • acrylic paint
  • brushes/different sizes
  • pallet
  • inc
  • White Sketchbook Canvas Cover Spiral
  • varnish

Step 2: Prepare Your Workplace

Organize your workplace by placing the paints that you are going to use next to you.

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Step 3: Paint the Covers With One Plain Colour

When applying the acrylic mix it with a bit of water. The paint shouldn`t be too waterish.

Step 4: Apply Gold Acrylic Paint

After the paint has dried, apply a second layer of gold or silver paint. While the gold paint is still wet- start making lines with the pallet-as shown on the picture.

Step 5: Paint Your Design

Always have an idea of the design you want to draw on your book. Free your imagination and experiment with different colours,materials.

Step 6: Draw Your Logo on the Back Cover

Think of unique logo and paint it on the back cover of the book.

Step 7: Apply a Varnish

Once the covers have dried. Apply a spray varnish.Leave it to dry.

Step 8: Your Unique Recipe Book Is Ready!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I sure did - while creating these books!

Visit my full blog post on: DIY: How to make a hand painted recipe book.

Colorfully yours,


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