How to Make a Handy Gadget/glasses Cleaner



You only seem to get cleaning cloths in fairly large sheets, I needed one that could fit in a smaller space, so I made one myself.

Step 1: What You're Going to Need

- Cleaning cloth (I used a sunglasses case that doubles as a cleaner that I don't use anymore but you could use any cleaning cloth)
- Scissors
- Small needle and thread (I used white because it was closest to my cleaning cloth's colour)

You can also use a ruler if you want to be really accurate about the sizing of the finger-cloth but I just did mine by eye

Step 2: Cut the Cloth

Here I cut the cloth in a slight trapezium (see picture), but quite long, so that when the cloth is folded there is a bit of a gap for your finger to go into.

My trapezium was 6.5cm longwith the widest side being 3.5cm and the shortest being 3.2cm. These measurements are just guidlines, all fingers are different.

Please Note; What I cut out here was a lotwider than needed and i had to cut some cloth off  before i sewed it to make a better fit around my finger.

Step 3: Sew the Edges

The last stage for you to do is to fold the cloth so that the differing lengths meet and stitch/sew the edges that will be either side of your finger.

I didn't fold my cloth exactly in half just so it was a bit easier to find the edges to put on, but it will still work if you fold it exactly.

My sewing is quite crude so it just about does the job. I sewed in a S-shape down the length and knotted the ends, if you are more skillful at sewing than I am (which isn't hard) you can do any type of stitch you like, as long as it holds both edges together it really wont make a difference.



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