How to Make a Heart Candle

Introduction: How to Make a Heart Candle

So valentines day or an anniversary is coming up and you've got no gift to give to yor special someone, all you can think of is the unoriginal box of choclates or roses, boring. I always think that a gift made is nicer than a gift bought, and people appreciate the time and effort put into a gift, than how much is spent.
And so I give you the idea of making a heart candle, which is pretty simple to make and you only need a few things, which you might have already hopefully.

Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

To make the candle you need only a few things:

- A red candle or any colour you like, but tradtionally hearts are red.( Also i used one that smells nice when lit.)
- A mould, cake mould will do.
- A choclate or cheese fondue set. Dont worry the wax isnt that hard to get out if you want to re-use it later that night for dipping your delicous strawberrys into chocolate,yum yum.
- And a lighter, or matches, anything that can light a candle.

Step 2: Melt the Wax

This is pretty easy, just place the red candle into the bowl light the candle underneath, leave for 20 mins or until all the wax has melted.

Step 3: Preparing the Mould

While the wax is melting prepare the mould, put a bit of oil around it, helps stop the wax from sticking. For the wicks I used the old wick from the red candle and cut it into 3 pieces, I then put a bit of foil on the end of each wick to help it stand up while im pouring the wax in.
Make sure the wax doesnt have a layer of skin on the top before you pour it into the mould as this would give an uneven finish, as i learned when i did mine.

Step 4: Pour the Wax In

When pouring the wax in, be careful not to knock over the wicks, and again make sure theres no skin on your wax. Still i think it looks good, looks homemade which is what we're aiming for, perfect isnt always best.

Step 5: Finished

Now gift wrap it in a nice little red box, and im sure your special someone will love it, probably love it enough that they'l never light it, which will be a waste in my opinion, as you can always make another one. Also if you clean out the fondue set you can have chocolate fondue for dessert, mmm. but clean it well, as you dont want to be eating melty wax, not so tasty.

Thanks guys, hope you liked it and hope yours turns out better than mine.

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