How to Make a Homade/survival Cangrill




Introduction: How to Make a Homade/survival Cangrill

Heya thats my first instruction ^^
My english is not really good but sh*t happens xD

you need:
1x needle
1xmultitool or a pliers
1x can
some wire

Step 1: Step One

use the multitool and make some holes into the can

Step 2: Step 2

now use the wire and  make a  net like a tennis racket

Step 3: Step 3

make a hole with  a knife or a pliers
Warning!! its very sharp

Step 4: END

Now you put a fire or a zippo into the can
Now you can grill something =)
enjoy it
i hope  you like it and understand my damn english xD



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    this is cool but having coated wire for cooking on is a pretty bad idea as the toxic chemicals released by burning plastic or paint are pretty bad for your health. Now with plain stainless steel wire or even copper if you can spare it (thick stuff) it would be fine just don't have galvanised wire either as that when burnt releases toxins aswell. You could marry this with a penny stove as a full portable stove.

    Nice tutorial. +1 for making it a priority to learn how to curse in English.

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    @ Shammontree - Too bad Instructables doesn't have a "Like Button" for comments. Oh well, ***LIKE!****

    @FullMetal - Good idea with the wire. Now, if you can make the same idea using a survival tin and maybe add a door for the fuel (as the jagged edges are no bueno) you would have a perfect multi use tin. Good Job!

    intersting idea weaving the wire into the top of the can. Did you have any problems with it once heat was applied to it?

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    No problems but you Need a chocoal to Grill with it or just a Little Fire
    An the wire Must Be with no Paint

    I honestly wouldn't 'grill' with a zippo, too many nasty chemicals.
    Maybe feed it with wood like a rocket stove.

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    not to mention (but I'm going to anyway) that whatever you're cooking is going to drip down onto your zippo.

    a lighter or candle isn't going to really grill anything there's just not enough heat. I do like the grill however and if you use a handful of charcoal briquettes or wood coals it would work a treat. My brother and I have used similar "disposable" grills made from large cans for years, they are great for camping alone or on road trips, use very little fuel and can make coffee and breakfast in the morning, cool down quickly to get packed away, used to make hotdogs or chicken for lunch etc... thank you for sharing your creation, the "ible" was well done for a 1st timer and you had nice clear pics

    Welcome to Instructables and thank you for sharing this! If you don't have a zippo hand, I suppose a regular candle would work as well.