How to Make a Home Made Carpet Sweeper

Introduction: How to Make a Home Made Carpet Sweeper

If your vacuum cleaner out of order  you can make one of them and save your spring cleaning

Step 1: Needs

- a motor
- a school bag
- a manual carpet sweeper
- a batary

- a knife
- a band

Step 2: Taking Wheel Part

take off it

Step 3: Opening a Motor Place

cut like that

Step 4: Banding Batary and Motor

band like that    ^
                           / \

Step 5: Completing the Circuit

Add a circuit key into the circuit

here your semi  automaticall carpet sweeper

Step 6: Banding the Carpet Sweeper to School Bags Part



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    2 Discussions

    u need a stabilizer 4 where the brushes are like wheels up under the rear of the brushes. actully u should mount the switch to the side or something.