How to Make a FREE PS2 Stand

Introduction: How to Make a FREE PS2 Stand

Once I got my PS2, I didn't want it to overheat. So, I wanted a stand. The problem was, I didn't want to spend money on a retail stand. Instead, I made my own. It turned out to be a horizontal PS2 stand, but it works perfectly!

Step 1: Get Two CD Holders

Before you start, you will need two CD holders (mine are thin, but fat ones will work). The fat CD holders will work better, but will make your PS2 look fat.

Step 2: Slip the CD Holders Under the PS2

Secondly, slip one CD holder under the PS2. Then, you slip the other one under it.
There should be enough room for a lot of air to go between the two CD holders. Otherwise your PS2 will probably get overheated.

Step 3: Extras

If you have a silver PS2, you can make a CD cover for the disk holder or just use a different colored holder. You could also just use the original black color (might not look as nice).

If you want to use a different color, like maybe white, for your stand, then just make a CD cover that is white or the color you want to use. You could also wrap colored or white paper around it.

If you can think of other ideas, then, if it works, you may use them.

This trick should work. If it doesn't work, you can contact me at (or you can just message me a different way if possible).



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    13 Discussions

    good idear to make a ps2 stand for the slim ps2 what about the people who have the fat ps2?

    This is not an instructable.This is just propping up your PS2 on cds. That is all.

    ...or, you could just use a couple of #2 pencils. It would take up less cabinet space. I initially thought you would describe how to make the "vertical" stand.

    1 reply

    Pictures will come later, but you guys should check out my vertical stand for the PS2 Slim. It's just made out of two bamboo chopsticks, and two pieces of solid cardboard. Didn't cost me a penny.

    You do realize that Sony electronics rarely overheat. The slim ps2 will never overheat because the power supply is on the outside, unlike the fat ps2, thats why the fat ps2 has a fan. the slim one doesnt even get warm. I've had my slim ps2 since 2004 and it still runs like new. Not to mention the 6 hours of gaming on SOCOM each day. and about 10-14 hours per day during the summer

    5 replies

    forgot to mention, I have a ps3 now and dont play my ps2 as much. My ps3 has been on 24/7 since ~December 28th

    really? wow. i have not met almost anyone that has a ps3. i have one too. what is your PSN username?

    My PSN is DaRkS1LeNc3 I play Cod4 mostly, I also have haze, rockband, will be getting SOCOM confrontation and Little Big Planet, Probably resistance 2 as well.

    thanks for notifying me about that. i just got a ps2, so i didn't realize that. what made me think it would overheat was that someone that i know had a ps2 that got caught on blue fire because of the warmth. i wasn't sure whether it was true or not, so i used a stand just in case. im glad u told me that.

    More images would be nice, if you're taking them with a phone of webcam read this guessing you are from the second pic, seems like a decent idea aswell, some pictures would really make it better though...

    2 replies

    i didn't take them with a cell phone or webcam. it just (for some reason) compressed the images when i uploaded them. but i just don't like taking pics with cameras because my computer doesn't work very well with them. i sometimes use a webcam to take pictures.

    Oh right, it was just the second image made me think that, bit of light wouldn't go amiss, I've had that trouble, it gets worse when the images start absolutely huge, they go pretty weird...