How to Make a Homemade Dremel Tool

Introduction: How to Make a Homemade Dremel Tool

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If there's one thing that any crafty person, like myself, hates more than getting some inspiration for something cool to make, its not having the right tool to use to make that cool thing. One tool that i can think of that many with a low budget would love to have is a dremel. Since i can't use my school loans to pay for a reliable dremel with various bits from a hardware store, why not make my own dremel instead and have enough for the bits once its done?


I have a Soldering Iron now so getting a bit holder to stay on the motor should be easier now! I'll post that in a few days (When i can figure it out...)


I plan to remake this now that i know dremel chucks can be sold on I shall buy one and make a better homemade dremel for anyone that looks at this.

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Step 1: Parts List

Shopping List:

1. x2 9v batteries
2. x2 9v battery plugs
3. Switches (1 for pulse, 1 for power)
4. Electrical tape
5. 9-18v electric motor
6. Hookup wire, preferably red and black
7. wire cutters & strippers (i just used my trusty multitool)
8. Cardstock (about 2-3 sheets)
9. scissors

Sure there's tacky glue in the second picture, but i didnt use it. thought i would, but thats why i had the electrical tape.

Step 2: Red Wire Switches Hookup

From the motor, take some red hookup wire and split it into 3 pieces with the ends stripped off to connect the switches to the motor. be mindful of the power switch. when i was almost done with making this dremel, i had to take out the power switch and put it in the other way. so make sure you know which way the switch goes before you put on the cardstock body.

Step 3: Battery Connectors

At first, i forgot that you connect the power to the ground wires to make this work as a complete circuit. So for the two power connectors, take and combine one power and one ground  wire from each connector and twist-tie them together. Secure with electrical tape.

Afterwards, take a section of black hookup wire and do the same for the other ground wire on the battery connectors. hookup and tape the new extended ground wire to the motor. twist-tie and tape the power wires to complete the circuit.

Step 4: Cardstock Body

Roll the cardstock around the motor and put a piece of tape to secure it. With the circuit at full length, see where the switches can be placed on the tube. i put the power where i could turn it on with my pinky finger while the pulse can be pressed with my thumb. cut some holes with the scissors to a size that the switches can be pulled through, then cover the edges of the holes with electrical tape. the switches should fit snug in the body.

with the battery plugs dangling from the bottom of the cardstock body, connect the batteries and tape them to the lower side of the dremel. If the body doesnt seem strong enough to hold everything together, add some more cardstock and electrical tape for a thicker body with good grip.

(sorry about the 5th picture, i didnt think it would look like that.)

Step 5: Add Some Flare (if Ya Wanna)

Congrats! you have just made a half dremel out of parts you can get at a Radio-Shack and a Wal-mart for less than $30!
Ill try to post the bit holder sometime this week if i can figure it out.

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    4 years ago

    very nice! this remember my flashlight! :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You may want to take a look at this instructable
    It might be able to assist you in your struggle with the bit-holder