How to Make a Hook for "hanging Ceilings" With Paper Clips

Introduction: How to Make a Hook for "hanging Ceilings" With Paper Clips

If you have a "floating ceiling" and you want to hang things from the bars and dont want to pay for the hooks, you can always use a box of paperclips to do the trick.

All you need is a paperclip and about five minutes.

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Step 1: The Hook for on the Support

First thing is to take the paperclip as shown in the photo. 

Note: Notice the orientation of the paperclip

Bend the short piece of the paperclip down 90 degrees.

then bend the longer piece up 90 degrees

Step 2: The Hook You Can Hang Things From

Bend the short piece approx. 1/2 inch down. 

Tip: On the side that ends bend at the middle

Next just bend the end piece down 45 degrees and over towards the rest of the paperclip.

Step 3: Installation

Put the longer piece against and over the upwards part of the T rod.

The hook should now be under the support .

Lower the tile back in place and you are finished!

Step 4: Hang Your Things :)

I used these to hang Christmas lights :)

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