How to Make a Hopper for an Airsoft Gun Out of an Old Bottle

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If you always run out of bbs when using a machine gun then this is for you.

You will need
2 water bottles of the same kind
hot glue
airsoft gun that needs a hopper

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Step 1: Putting on the "adapter"

This is the most important part because if this isn't made right then you won't have a good hopper.

Start by taking a cap and poking a hole in it and then make the hole larger like it looks in the picture below

Then glue that cap on like in pic 2 so that it goes over the place where you would usually put the bbs in

Step 2: Making a Plug

This is in case you are having a very short match and don't need the extra bbs.

Cut just the end of the bottle where the threads for the cap are and where it is the thick plastic. You can throw the rest of the bottle away. pic 1

Then glue a piece of plastic (from the bottle you just threw away) over the hole on the opposite side of the threads. This will keep bbs from falling out Pic 2

Step 3: Some Tips

Try to find a couple different sizes of bottles that have nearly the same cap, that way you can have different sizes of hoppers. Also if the bbs aren't falling into the regular storage area for bbs then just give the gun a shake and the will probably fall in.

I chose a big bottle, that holds about 3000, because when I use a machine gun I don't like to have to worry about saving ammo, even though I probably don't need that many bbs for one match

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    in step 3 u say "I chose a big bottle, that holds about 3000" is it the same as in picture 1 in the intro? i think that holds more than 3k... i bought one of these BB packs with 3Kx6mm BBs and that were less. or the bottle looks bigger than it is. do you think i can use a 1.5 liter plastic water bottle? or will it be too heavy/big? if it is to big, i could try to make some sort of mechanics that fills the BBs from one or more bottles in my backpack into this thing u made in step 2. oh and in step 2 u say "This will keep bbs from falling out Pic 2" but i can't see any Pic 2... and how can i use a piece of plastic if i threw it away?

    3 replies

    You can get the bottle back out of the trash and sorry about no picture. It depends if it will be to big, if you want to be mobile with it, then it is to big, but if you don't care that it will be hard to get through trees and stuff then go for it. Having bb's in a pack might work. What I suggest is that if you do that then you should tape the bottle of bb's inside the pack and upside down. Then run some clear plastic tubing (available at the local hardware store) from the bottle to the airsoft gun. The problem that I see is that you have to make sure that you have the gun below the level of the bottle (that's why it has to be at the top of the pack) you might have to shake the gun/pack to get the bb's to come down. But running should take care of that.


    i thought of using a motor driving a screw which would push the BBs into the tubing, because then i could have the gun above the level of the bottle, because the BBs don't roll through the tubing, they're pushed.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    ill build that "BB backpack", and then ill make an instructable about it. maybe even with a small vacuum cleaner-like thing for easy collecting of BBs that are laying around on the ground...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Darn, I was gonna post an instructable like this, good job!