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Introduction: How to Make a Jellyfish Plush

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This cute project can be made with knitted material, or with normal fabric! This project is good for novice knitters.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need:

1. Yarn or String (Any color is fine)

2. 1 Square of fabric ( 8.5 in by 8.5 in)

3. 5 Rectangles of fabric (1 in by 7 in), or 4 rectangles of fabric (3/4 in by 10 in) with 1 rectangle of fabric (1 in by 7 in)

5. Pillow stuffing

6. A needle and thread.

Step 2: Get Your Square Ready.

If you are knitting the square, cast on 35 stitches and use the knit stitch. This will be the body of your jellyfish. You can use other types of fabric, but I would advise that you knit your project.

Fun Idea: Use patterned fabric for a more colorful jellyfish!

Step 3: Get Your Rectangles.

If you knit these rectangles, cast on 6 stitches and use the knit stitch. Once again, you can use any other type of fabric with this project, but I would advise using knitted fabric. This is because, knitted projects curl. This curl resembles the frills of a jellyfish. When you finish your knitting, you will usually have a longer piece of yarn still attached, this excess will help in making your jellyfish look more realistic, so trim all of the excess yarn on your rectangles to the same length.

The fifth rectangle will be used as the bottom of the body of the jellyfish.

If you use regular fabric, cut each rectangle into waves, which will give you a curly effect. If you use regular fabric, try to taper the ends as well.

Alternatively, you can taper the rectangles as you go along, to make them look more realistic. For example, you cast 4, knit stitch for 6 inches, then knit with 3 instead of 4, for 2 inches, repeat with 2 instead of 3 for 2 inches, then finish. (This step is not for novices)

I am going to be using the ones that taper.

Fun idea: Instead of using knit rectangles, you can use lace!

Step 4: Cut Up Some Yarn

The next thing you should do, should be to cut 8 pieces of yarn that are 9 inches in length. These pieces of yarn will be the other tentacles of the jellyfish.

If you have made the frills of the jellyfish longer, than 7 inches, make sure to cut the yarn at least 2 inches longer than the rectangle frills.

The yarn pieces that I used were 1 ft long, because I had used frills that were 10 in long.

You don't have to use yarn. You can also use pipe cleaners, or very thin pieces of fabric, or string.

Step 5: Make the Body

Get your square of fabric, and put your stuffing into the center.

Bring the outside of the fabric inwards towards the stuffing. Pinch the top together and bring in the other corners.

Next, sew the corners together. When you are done, fluff out the fabric to make the body more circular.

Then, sew the fifth rectangle's ends to each other to create a circle. Attach this circle to the bottom of your jellyfish's body.

Step 6: Add the Frills

Gather your frills, and sew the tops of all of them together. Using the same thread, attach your frills to the center of the jellyfish, inside of the circle.

If you had knitted the frills, you can just knot the tops together with any excess yarn, and attach them to the body in the same way.

Step 7: Add the Other Tentacles.

Take your pieces of yarn, and attach them around the perimeter of your jellyfish. You can do this by sewing the yarn on, or by tying them on.

If you used a different type of fabric, cut small holes in the perimeter of your jellyfish, and knot your yarn through them.

Fun idea: Embroider designs onto different parts of your jellyfish!

Step 8: Now You're Done!

After I finished the jellyfish, I added on a few finishing touches, such as the lace on the top, and the lace hanger.

You can use this plush as a gift, or just for a fun project. You can add small lights to the inside of the jellyfish's body and make a lamp, or you can just hang them around your room. Whatever the case may be, have fun!

If you want to, you can add eyes to your jellyfish.

You can also embroider a mouth if you want.

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