How to Make a Jointer Push Stick Delux.

I have been meaning to make a longer push stick for my jointer for a very long time. This will help when jointing the face of boards. I have the cheap plastic rubber faced ones but they really don’t work very well. They rely on the rubber to grip the surface and push it through the jointer. This sometimes is difficult and a better push stick with a low profile lip in the back will work much better. I have seen many designs for this purpose and I believe this one was based on an idea from “Woodsmith" or “Shop Notes” that I saw in one of those publications many years past. Ii is not very complicated and I simply drew it out on a sticky note before free handing the shape with a pencil on the piece of wood. I am using up some of the left over pine that I recently used in the Basic Bathroom cabinet project.

I use screws to secure the base plate onto the handle and this will be fine as long as it is only used for its purpose on the jointer! If one was to use this on the table saw for example you could hit one of the screws with the blade of the saw. The piece that will sit below the edge of the piece of wood being jointed is simply a scrap piece of MDF and can be replaced when needed in the future. This is a very easy project and will be a great help in the shop. The paint was for fun and just to dress it up some. A little bright color is always fun!



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