How to Make a Kawaii Cupcake Icon With MS Paint

Introduction: How to Make a Kawaii Cupcake Icon With MS Paint

I really like to make my own stuff and admire people who make photoshopped icons,but I had 2 problems with photoshop: 1. it's expensive and 2. It's too complicated for me. I tried Gimp but I miss the simplicity of MS paint. So one day out of boredum and taco cravings I decided to make my own. In about 30 minutes, I had myself my own kawaii icon . Where did I come up with the idea to make this ,believe it or not off some russian (maybe?)video of someone showing how to make a tree shaped bookmarks for kids to print .Yeah odd moment , I know. I saw where the woman used simple basic shapes and the eraser tool to create an awesome (and somewhat real looking) tree.I replace the idea of leaves on the tree to the concept of frosting on a cake (hunger and bordum creates food from some odd things =S ) I didnt need to know what she was saying since it was all the same MS Paint.

Step 1: Background

1.Open MS Paint ( I think you can do this with Mac's paint but I dont know if it has the same sorta features. But hey Mac users can try ) Choose whatever your background will be. I chose the medium blue, 3rd color on the top right of the bar. You can choose any color you want tho

Step 2: Cupcaked

*you can choose any color "cake" you want but for the ones I used in the video,I'll be referring to them from this step on*
2.choose black and then square.Create a box near the bottom .Fill with black or yellow color. This will be the "cake" part of the cupcake.

Step 3: Eye See You

3.Choose circle.On the top middle of the box,create a big circle.Pile a bunch of circles around the big circle and allow some to overlap the square.When you have your desires "frosty" top.Choose the eraser and erase everything inside the bubbles,leaving only the main cloud like frame.(its ok to erase the cake part inside the icing)If you want to be safe on the small areas,go to view-zoom-custom-and choose either 200% or 400%.
Dont worry about perfection

Step 4: Puffy Cake

When done with that,choose air brush ,select the sparse spray (the one at the bottom of the box aka the big spray)and whatever color your cake was,choose the lighter version under neath the color box.Now spray paint like crazy.Go outside the lines,over the frosting,etc..Dont spray too much when the cake color wont show thru,but enough where it looks heavly spackled. *sorry I dont know what many of these tools are called *

Step 5: Smile

For a kawaii smile-Choose circle and create 2 long oval shapes,letting them enterlap a bit..Use the eraser tool to remove all but the bottom of the 2 circles.Use the spray paint tool and your cake's color to go over the erased area.Then choose the lighter color and go over the erased area. (making it look like it was untouched) You can use any kawaii faces you want like - X3 or >_<

Step 6: Iris

*Skip this step if you're not using the kawaii smile - (this thing- :3 )*
Choose the cirlce tool and create 2 circles for eyes.Carefully erase the inside of the eyes (the spray paint tool makes it impossible to fill in the circles) If you want to feel a bit safe in filling that in enlarge the icon (view-zoom-custom-200/400% It makes it a bit easier to fill in ) Choose black and Use the brush tool and the fattest circle to create the pupals, um the peepers

Step 7: Blushy Dots

For a blush effext, use pink and the fat or middle circle and place under the eyes.
For confetti/sprinkles- Choose the fat circle and any of the colors you want for the toppings and dot away.

Step 8: Finish Touches

Now take the brush tool choose the fattest square and the color of your background and edit out the spray paint that got on the background. To make it easy,try making the pic larger to 200% or 400% (to do so go to view-zoom-custom- and choose 200/400% )Make sure you back to its original size (view-zoom-custom-100%)Now you can crop it to an icon size, if desired. ( Choose the dotted square,above the paint can.left click and drag to desired size,then right click-copy to and choose
desired location. Save the pic if ya want and there you go. Your own kawaii cupcake icon using MS paint.
You can cats,dogs,virtually anything with the basic shapes and some free time Have fun

Step 9: The Video

Here's how its done (video is a little over 10 minutes long )

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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Strange but thanks 4 sharing. Clever using the spray can tool!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    wth is a kawaii cupcake and this instructable makes my eyes bleed


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Kawaii is the Japanese word for "cute" IIRC.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (er.. and cuteness too). Be nice.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Exactly, my eyes are cute, but your cupcake is still not pretty. at all.