How to Make a Knex Marble Shooter

Introduction: How to Make a Knex Marble Shooter

This is an instruction on how to make a marble shooter or any other thing u want to put in it. It is not hard to make so please spend five minutes or so making it. DO NOT SHOOT ANYTHING AT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS!

Step 1: Materials List for Shooter

Rubber bands 1-3
4 yellow
6 small green
2 long grey
1 small white
2 medium blue
4 yellow
6 red
6 green
2 orange

Step 2: Do It Your Self

Sorry u will have to figure it out your self p.s this is my first instuctable next one will be better 2008

Step 3: Watch and Learn

put the marble in the red bit in the front pull back and fire sometimes it does go real far u might be surprised sorry about the video might not work opps do not know how to get video in sorry again

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, this isn't all that great. Too simple and trying to understand the instructable hurt my head.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    hello again i mean pretty good marble shooter & comment please or change it around my email is