How to Make a Knex Roller Coaster




Introduction: How to Make a Knex Roller Coaster

The world of knex has a lot of parts to it. One of them is the knex roller coasters. This ible will give step by step instructions on how to make an coaster in general. This is not for a specific coaster rather for your own.

Step 1: Design

This is the first step. You can draw out your coaster if you wish, but you don't have to. You can chose to make a lift that goes vertical or diagonal, and chose if you want a station or not.Also when designing Remember that you will need support towers to place more track on and to sturdy the vertical tower.

Step 2: Lift

Here you can chose a vertical or diagonal lift. If you do a vertical the car needs more speed to get on the chain unless you go from the bottom. Then you have to make sure that the lift works. If it doesn't then check the chain as it could be to lose or to tight.

Step 3: What Style?

As many of you know there is two styles of coasters. There us the standard, the screaming serpent, and the micro. The chose should be on which one you have more of. If you have more standard use that as it is stronger and easier to support. However micro will require that you have the standard to micro rods. these can be on just the moter or on the track to make it more sturdy. If your frame is micro it won't be as sturdy but easier to connect to micro track.

Step 4: Elements

These are the fun part of the roller coaster. The loops and turns and corkscrew s and hangs.
The elements of the coaster make it the coaster. however there is something after the elements and that is...supports!

Step 5: Your Done!

Yes you made it now you have finally finished your Rollercoaster. Congratulations!

Step 6: Add to This Instructable

If you guys want a step added, or any pictures or anything for this instructable, let me know in the comments and I will get them up asap

Step 7:



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    That is exactly why I made this guide, and I was hoping some of the experts, to name one, Tornado96, would give some advice.

    Yes, I realized that. I don't think he gets on much anymore.

    Yeah ik, but I was hoping maybe he would here and there to help


    3 years ago

    Hey guys you can also give me any pictures you want added to the ible. I may have made the origanl part, but this should be put together by everyone, and include advice from everyone so we can all learn from each other.

    Looks good but from previous experience with roller coasters a big part is speed and where you put the elements to achieve the longest ride possible but yet still preform the way it is supposed to. So that might be a helpful step to put in.

    2 replies

    Thanks for the advice, I'll put that in as soon as I can (right now I'm busy with preparing for finals)

    I agree with you. I tried a roller coaster once, and the car never had enough speed to get around the final curve.