How to Make a Knife From a Lawn Mower Blade


Introduction: How to Make a Knife From a Lawn Mower Blade

Every step to making a knife from a lawn mower blade is in this video. Please click the picture to see the video. The minimal you need is:




Long reach pliers



Epoxy glue

c clamps

used motor oil

face shield




drill press

and last but not least........ Awesomeness

This is no small undertaking, but not impossible.

My style of format on instructables is video format. For all you who like written instruction only... Tuff cookies. I have put much effort into my videos so you can see the steps in action. Please click on the picture which will send you to the video, and enjoy!



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    5 Discussions

    I actually recently bought two lawnmower blades at a garage sale a couple months back with the intent of doing the same thing. The hardest part about using lawnmower blades for a knife is getting them to fit into the foundry!

    thank you for all your troubles and wonderful work. I will make my next knife one out of a lawn mower blade. Your video has been a great help.

    Turned out great. A simple outline of steps would be a great addition to the text. Any estimate on how long this took to do? I may give this a try if I run across a mower blade or something similar.

    I want to check it out but it doesn't work on the app


    2 years ago

    Can you post a link to the video? it doesn't work on the app.