How to Make a Latex Glove Holder for a Pegboard

Introduction: How to Make a Latex Glove Holder for a Pegboard

I was tired of always misplacing my box of latex gloves. I threw the box around my workbench and garage every time I grabbed a pair. The box itself would get crushed under tools, so I decided to mounted it to the pegboard and it would in the same place every time. I also wanted to make it so I could refill with a new box easily.

I made this at Techshop.

Things you will need:

scrap 2x4 at least 24"

box of gloves

nail gun and nails (16 gauge 1")

scrap piece of paneling roughly 14"


band saw

chop saw

table saw

Step 1: Gather Materials

All the wood was from the scrap bin at techshop.

Nothing fancy, just work with what you got.

The nail gun is quick and easy but screws would work as well.

Step 2: Cut the 2x4 in Half

If my math is right this will make 2 1x4's

I used the band saw and made a quick run down the length,

Step 3: Cut to Size

Using the chop saw I cut down my now 1x4 to the correct size for my box.

I did the sides first then measured for the length.

Step 4: Nailed It

Using the nail gun, attach the sides from the bottom.

I did 3 nails on each side.

Double check and make sure it still fits.

Step 5: Slice It

Using the table saw I cut down some support strips to hold the box in the frame.

I made two strips at 1" in width.

Step 6: Complete the Frame

Again using the nail gun I attached the 1" pieces to the front to hold in the gloves.

First attach the bottom piece from underneath. Then the top, nailing it in from the sides.

Step 7: Paneling for the Mount

Using a piece of scrap paneling as my support and peg board mount.

I gave myself a couple inches of overlap on each side. A quick cut on the chop saw makes it even.

Again nail it to the back of the frame.

Step 8: Mount to the Pegboard

I lined the box up the peg board and lined in where the holes would be.

I then drilled in holes on the paneling wings. I made sure the holes were even at 1 1/4 " on each side.

Screw in to the peg board and it is project done.

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