How to Make a Leather Belt




Introduction: How to Make a Leather Belt

raw hide, level, scissors, angle tool, hole punch, fork punch, ribbits snaps, measuring tape.

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Step 1: Layout

draw your layout using a pen and level

Step 2: Making Your Angle

using your angle tool scrib edge of leather that is going to be against your body

Step 3: Making Your Border

With the fork punch and a hammer punch your border all the way around your belt

Step 4: Making Your Belt Holes

with hole punch make your holes

Step 5: Making Your Design

with fork punch, punch in your design.

Step 6: Make Holes for Ribbet Snaps

punch holes for ribbet snaps

Step 7: Punch Ribbets in Place

Put ribbets in hole then punch them to lock them in

Step 8: Finished Leather Belt

Snap ribbtes together and your done. Have fun with it.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice and straight-forward. Thank you!