How to Make a Leather Knife Sheath!!! :2)



(also sorry for any spelling mistakes or punctuation errors as I am only 13 years old)

Secondly all of the pictures here are all of google images and I didn't take them as I made this knife sheath before I decided to do an ible on it. I also learned how to do this of the internet so I will be more brief than my other ibles.

So you want to make a leather knife sheath to put a spare knife in to, but you don't know how to. If so then this is the instructible for you!!!

Now go on get started!!! 

Step 1: Draw a Design

Draw a straight line onto some heavy weight paper, measure the thickness of your handle and mark half of it each side of line. Be sure to get this outline exactly right because later you will be translating it onto the leather!!!

Then lay the knife down with the tip and handle sitting on your marks. Then trace round the edge with a pencil and add one centre meter to the outline.

Step 2: Making the Template.

Fold the paper down the centre line and  cut it out. This will form the basis for your template!!!
Then wrap the paper around the knife and check the fit, you should be able to comfortably pinch the paper together. If this is not possible it means that the template is to small and ultimately your leather version would not fit your knife, lay flat onto another sheet of paper and add extra as required then re cut and check the shape again.  If it works go on to the next step!!!

Step 3: Finishing Off the Template

Transfer your final version to a piece of thick card, also in this process smooth out any unevenness in the shape making sure both sides are identical, now cut out this shape and keep for future use, I have a collection of about 50 basic shapes. This provides a good strong edge for cutting out the leather.

Use 2.5 - 3mm plain vegetable tanned hide, make sure that your hands and tools are very clean, carefully cut out the shape in the leather with a new sharp craft blade. Perhaps it might be wise to try cutting a small section of leather off-cut to get the feel of the blade.

Step 4: Making Holes.

With a leather stitch marker follow the line to the top, stop 1 cm short of the top edge, repeat this process on each side, make sure you start and finish in the same place, this will ensure even stitching.Still working on the front face use an awl and prick through at a slight angle toward the out edge of the leather, it maybe necessary to repeat this process when you are stitching up the sides.
Then turn the leather over and shave the edge with a leather edging tool.

Step 5: Shave Down the Tip

Still working on the inside shave down the tip, I often put this on my sander which is much quicker, it is important to do this because it will allow the tip to close up properly when you start sowing.

Step 6: Sowing

Measure out 6 times the length of the sheath and thread a heavy duty blunt leather needle at each end. Fully immerse the leather in warm water for at least 5 minutes, this will make it very pliable and easy to work with, remove from the water and pat dry with some absorbent paper.

Begin the sowing by threading the first needle through both holes on each side pull through and even up. Now push through the second needle through the second hole on both sides, take the first needle and carefully push through the back of the second stitch hole. It maybe necessary to improve the size of the holes with your awl. Pull tight and repeat this process. If you are unsure practice on an old piece of leather or heavy cloth.

Always keep a clean sheet of plain paper under your work this will help stop marking during the sowing.

picture 3 illustrates the use of the awl.

Step 7: Finish Stiching

Continue the sowing right up to the end with a double stitch to finish off with, this is sufficient to hold the leather together.
Gently push your sheath onto the knife ensuring that the seam runs down the centre of the knife down the back which will be the side against your body, the suppleness of the leather will allow you to push, twist and shape as required.

Step 8: Finished!!!

Well done you are now finished!!!

You could also add a belt loop like in pic 2

Step 9: Links to Me Other Ibles

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    ThanX I am making one know on how to make a knife out of a butter knife!!!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, this is a blatant rip. You've even copied the original images. At least with mine you only bothered to steal one or two photos. I emailed the site that you stole this from to let them know about it.

    I only bother with this because what you're doing is parasitic and insulting to those of us who actually contribute. I'm not mad, just disgusted.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    very nicely done. One trick I borrowed from BUCK for my lower cost "work" knife sheaths is a plastic insert. I use a piece from a plastic milk jug, cut a piece larger than needed, trace the knife with a marker onto the plastic, flip the knife over and after carefully aligning the spine against the just drawn line I trace the opposite side. Cut it out leaving yourself a little extra and using spring clips hold the plstic to your blade and use a lighter or other heat source to seal the edge. This helps keep whatever you've been cutting from soaking into your sheath when your busy and is easily replaced

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