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Introduction: How to Make a Leather Wallet

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Making a cool leather wallet is easy. Just get yourself some scrap strips of leather ant you are good to go. No special tool required.

You can see full process of making this simple wallet in the video.

Step 1: Cut You Leather.

Cut your leather with some extra space on the sides.

Step 2: Make Slots

You can use thinner leather on the inside. it will be better for cards.

Step 3: Put It Together

Put it together with super glue.

Pinch holes after and sew the ends.

Step 4: It's Ready

Cut it to the finlal size. Its ready to go!

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It is a promising card wallet and looks nice. As a maker of leather goods since 1991, unless I'm missing something, there are a couple of questions I have: If you do not sew all the way around the card pockets, since there is a lot of stress from putting in and taking out the cards, what is to prevent the leather from separating and losing you cards? It was also mentioned; what keeps the cards from slipping down into and behind the cards at the bottom? This is just a helpful hint... start 3 holes from the start of your sewing point, stitch up to the beginning, then back sew till you reach the end, then back sew 3 holes to LOCK in the ends of the thread. This also gives it strength at the ends.

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Good tip! Thanks very much. This may save me from having to hide knots on some projects. :)

Nice looking wallet. Can you tell me what music you used on the video? I love it.

can you give us the shop from which you've purchased the leather? I'm more interested to know what to ask for to get the same width/color. Really like the nuance. Also, a bill slot would be awesome if you could upgrade it.

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I too would like to know where to buy leather like that from (as well as 'thin' leather and other similar things). Nice presentation of the video though.

Looks nice. I like how elegantly you have presented your instruct. Nice and thin wallet. But each card, I believe, should be in its own cloth pocket. The top card will end up at the bottom of the wallet from use. Keep at it.

"strips of leather ant": Tanning ants must be very difficult. For that matter it would take many strips of ant to make a decent sized wallet.

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I own a similar wallet that I bought as a keepsake. After many years, it still works well as a "front pocket" wallet. I'll add a couple photos to give you makers some ideas. Please forgive the "fat wallet" wording... it was part of a series I did.

Anyways, to hold paper, this wallet uses a simple "U-Shape" spring. The wallet wraps around one leg before the stitching, and then the other leg holds the money in. When I said "simple", I meant "surprisingly tricky and elegant". :-) Have fun.


Lovely leather. Beautiful lighting. Sexy music.

BUT where's the tools list?

Did you burnish the edges?


This is more just a card holder right? I'm thinking of adding an elastic band (after i do some research) to the center that will hold my cash, so the cash is folded inside between the credit cards.

This looks great!!

Can you create a version which includes a coin case?

as far as I know yes, american size wallets are smaller than european. Also, don't know what the euro bills sizes are but my country's bills grow to somewhat double the size from the smallest to the largest bill. Anyway, size can be adjusted but I was curious. Also, now that I think about it, where would the bills go? I see 6 card alots and that's about it.

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Haha, we were discussing about a feature which doesn't even exist here. Shouldn't be too hard to add another layer for the bills though.

Just checked my present wallet and there's plenty of space left length-wise even with $ and the size is pretty much defined by card slots.

very nice and simple wallet(love its simplicity). Been looking for something for years. Is the wallet made for american dollars? I know american wallets are smaller(and I want that). Great job!

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The wallet is really nice and simple, but are you sure it's smaller?
I just compared the size of 10€ and 10$ and 10$ is clearly longer while 10€ is a few mm wider. Maybe it's different for bigger nominals though and I don't know what currency do you use either.

I have always wanted to try leather work the will be a great project to begin

That's a nice looking leather wallet! It looks simple enough to be a great beginner project too.