How to Make a Led Sign Board

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On sunday i was feeling bored so thought to make this its easy to make and just need few things
hey guys i hav added some new photos of this project and more cool things

Step 1: Things You Need :-

acrylic sheet (i used a broken transparent writing pad for this project)
bicolor led or any led u like
tracing paper or a OHP sheet 
100 ohm resistor 
9v connector and battery
tools :-
soldering rod and wire 
mini drill machine 

Step 2:

Step 3: Carving in It

Now in this step u have to take tracing paper and draw an outline of the  rectangle on it see photo (1)
Next you have to write whatever you what see photo (2)
Now flip your paper write it the opposite way if you don t understand see photo (3)
Then place your board the (the one which we have made in the previous step ) on the paper and tape the corner so that it doesn't move while carving.After carving flip your board and it will look like figure (6)
now remove the tape .

Step 4: Adding the Leds

Mark the place where you want your leds to be i have placed them on the left hand side drill it out and check whether the leds are tight
glue the leds in place  and the wire of the leds as shown in photo (5) NOTE i have placed the leds in parallel i have also soldered a  resistor on the the positive wire of the led and a switch  and connect it with 9v battery 

I shorty going to post a photo of how it looks in night and plz free to comment ™              

My upcoming project are on arduino

Step 5: UPDATE 24/8/12

Here are few photos in which i hav modified the led sign board by using pcb board as it more convenient as there is no loose connection 



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    nice use of the PAD :P

    few improvements over this are use sand paper grind the ends will give a very good look. Also rather than using 2LEDs use 1 bright LED with higher lumens and using those big boxes of batteries buy 2small coin cells the one used in watches and can turn ur thing to a key chain............. i tried it and looked GREAT.....!!!!