How to Make a Lego Portal Gun!




This uses some lego pieces that may not be in your collection. No extra tools are needed other than the legos showed in the next slide.

Step 1: Get All Yer Parts!

There are 8 blue studs.

Step 2: So, What's Your Favorite Breakfast? (answer:pancakes!)

Connect the black cylinder to the top of the black thingy with 5 studs, and put one of the levers on one of the sides of it. Set it off to the side for a while.

Step 3: That's 8 Studs, Folks!

Set this piece aside for a while.

Step 4: What's Your Favorite Animal?

Put the remaining to levers on the two tiles with one stud. Position them how the picture shows. Set these aside for a while.

Step 5: What's Your Favorite Dinner Food?

This picture is kind of hard to see. There is a tile with one stud under the curvy piece. Set this aside for a while.

Step 6: What's Your Favorite Game?

Connect the black plate to the clear plate, and connect the clear plate to one of the white plates. Check the picture! Set this aside for a while.

Step 7: What's Better, Pc or Mac?

Connect the first two (technically 2nd and 3rd) steps together as the picture shows.

Step 8: What's Your Favorite Dessert?

Connect the 4th step (technically the 5th) to the previous assembly.

Step 9: 3 Steps to Go! What's Better, Coffee or Tea?

Connect the 5th (technically 6th) step to the grey and black thingies with 5 studs. The white tiles middle should be inside of the black thingy's stud.

Step 10: The Final Strech!

add one of the pieces from step 3 and one of the extra white tiles. The middles of these pieces should be inside of the studs they connect to. Look to the picture for reference.

Step 11: Last Step!

repeat the previous step on the other side.

Step 12: Thanks for Looking at My Instructable!

This was the best I could make at the scale I used without using glue. If you want to make yours more accurate, you can use glue and cut the lego pieces.



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    Pseudonymous cheese

    2 years ago

    Awesome! Right now I'm making the blue and orange portals?