How to Make a Lego Table Tennis Bat.



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This is my first ever  instructable and it's on how to make a lego table tennis bat, I hope you enjoy it. Also I just thought that I would add that the Lego was not glued together to make this Lego table tennis bat.



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    2 years ago

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    Have you actually used it in a game and if so how well does it work? You have my mind racing with the potential of paddles, net, and table made entirely of LEGO!

    I also wanted to mention that since you had to right text for your video anyways that a traditional format Instructable would have been easy to make. Keep it in mind for next time :)

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    Thanks for the comment, and yes I have tried to use it in a game and it actually worked really well. I found that because it was made our plastic the ball bounced of it really well, and I have used it for about 10 games and so far it hasn't fallen apart this surprised me considering the fact that I didn't glue any of the pieces together. I am thinking of making a net aswell, but I think a table is a bit out of reach for me at the minute as it would probably require thousands of pieces. I am thinking of creating my future instructables in the standard text form, but I didn't realise how much work a video instructable was until I was halfway through.


    3 years ago

    Great bat but I tried to play it and it was to thick