How to Make a Little Sisters ADAM Syringe.




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This is how to make a little sisters adam syringe from the BioShock game series.

i have always loved the little sisters in the game and i wanted to make the syringe that the scary little girls carry with them.

in some of the photos there will be two syringes or two of the parts, this is because i got two of them with an air to sell one [so if you want one let me know ;) ]

Step 1: Materials and Tools.

1x old petrol (gas for the Americans out there) pump handle. it can be with or with out the nozzle.
1inch pvc pipe.
2 inch pvc pipe coupler
perspex plastic sheet
jam jars
red LEDs with the correct resistor.
micro press to make button switch
9volt battery
9 volt battery clip
10mm wooden dowel.
clear perspex tube.
spray paint: metal primer, hamerite, gold spray.
acrylic paint : reds browns for weathering.
silicone sealant. 
3inch drain pipe down sizer or end.
brass pipe connector fittings with bolts.
large washers, large but small enough to fit inside the lid of the jam jar
baby bottle nipple.
Bubble bath or shower gel : anything dark red.

Drill and drill bits.
a workspace that you don't mind getting dirty.

Step 2: Step One.

get the top cap off the pump and drill a hole big enough for the pipe coupler to fit through.

Bolt the coupler through the hole.

Then test fit the top cap back onto the petrol pump, if it doesn't fit you might need to trim the spring inside the pump. 

Step 3: Step Two

make a small LED housing out of the clear tube and some clear acrylic by cutting out one disc and one ring.

i did this by placing the ring between the top bolt and the washer, then screw the top bolt on and then fit the top tube. (dont glue it in place yet.)

drill a hole through the jam jar lid and place a washer either side of the lid and place the coupler through the lid.

i Sealed the washer on the lid to create a water tight seal inside the jam jar.

the led housing will light up the red bubble bath.

Step 4: Step Three.

in the reference images the syringes have a baby bottle nipple on top.

make a mount out of acrylic. do this by making a ring and sand it down to give it a smooth rounded edge.

glue this onto the bottom of the jam jar which will now be the top of the syringe.

take the drain pipe end to the bottom where the screw thread it, make it short enough that when you screw the jam jar onto its lid the drainpipe just covers the lid and doesnt come down to far.

then pop in the baby bottle nipple in the mount, it should be removable as you will need to have the jar upside down later on.

Step 5: Step Four.

take the pvc pipe coupler and attach it to the back end of the pump. (where the hose would have gone)

cut the 1inch pvc pipe to the length of the original nozzle. if you dont have this, you can just eyeball it so that it looks about right.

i cut mine to about 20cm. if you are lucky you will be able to just screw this into the front of the pump. if not heat one end of the tube and when warm and supple you will be able to screw it into the pump.

make a hexagon out of the acrylic plastic and sand down the edges to make it look like a bolt. glue this to a circle the same size as the pvc coupler.

If  your pump has an attachment on the rear of the pump you will have to cut it off so the pvc coupler will fit.

Step 6: Step Five.

micro button placement.

drill a hole through the handle of the pump and out the underside so that the micro switch can be threaded through the hole and pressed by the pump lever when it is depressed.

wire up the switch to two or three LEDs (what ever will fit in the clear housing in the jar.)

you may have to trim the spring of the pump so that it doesnt cut the wire when you press in the lever of the pump.

the battery will fit inside the pvc coupler on the back of the pump. (not pictured)

If  your pump has an attachment on the rear of the pump you will have to cut it off so the pvc coupler will fit.

Step 7: Step Six.

take the 10mm wooden dowel and cut it to around 400mm. or twice as long as the front pvc pipe (which ever is greater)

then sand down the tip to a needle shape. I made mine by sanding it to a point then placing it on a belt sander and sanding off one side of the tip flat. to make it to look like a syringe needle.

then cut two discs out of the acrylic . make them the same size as the inside diameter of the pvc front tube and make a hole in the middle at 10mm so that you can insert the dowel into the front pvc tube.

glue the discs inside the pvc tube so the front disc is at the end of the pipe and make sure there is enough of the dowel inside the pipe that it stays stable and doesnt wobble when in place.

Step 8: Step Seven

At this point i did a mock up test run to see if it will all hold together and stay water tight.

Step 9: Step Eight.

mask off all the holes in the front and back of the pump. the top of the jam jar and the switch and the bar that gets pressed when the lever is squeezed.

mask off all the glass on the jar and the inside of the nipple mount ring. and the opening of the jar.
 mask of the very top of the needle assembly where the tube screws into the pump.

once you have it all masked off spray the whole lot with a primer and then a coat of silver hamerite to give it the hammered effect.

once this is dry mask the nipple mount ring off and spray the bottom of the jar assembly gold.

spray the whole petrol pump gold and the end caps.

do not spray the needle assembly. this will need to stay silver/grey.

once all of the paint is dry take off all the tape.

you will then have a nice gold shiny syringe. This is wrong. :)

Step 10: Step Nine.


start with a dark mud brown layer of dry brushing ans stippling all over all the gold sections of the pump and jar. 
then work to a darker brown and finally a little black dry brushing to make it look rusty oily and just old.

on the silver sections mix up a very nearly black brown and dry brush streak the needle parts and dry brush stipple the top of the jar and some of the glass on the jar to make it look dirty.

then streak dark red down the needle and stipple it onto the pvc pipe section and some of the handle to look like blood splashes from vigorous stabbing. 
then a bright red dry brush and streak up the needle to make it look fresh.

Step 11: Step Ten.

screw in the front needle assembly into the pump, plug in the battery and push into the pump and then place the end cap on the end of the pump.

take the nipple off the jar (if you have it on) and turn the jar upright and fill it with the bubble bath. dont fill it all the way as you will want it to look like the jar still needs more stabbing to fill it up.

once you have put the bubble bath in the jar turn the pump upside down and screw the pump onto the jar.

turn the whole thing upright and hope that the seal holds and then pop in the nipple.

then you have a finished adam syringe.

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    34 Discussions


    1 year ago

    where does the black piece in step 7 come from?

    1 reply
    backwards lambCidburn

    Reply 1 year ago

    In step 4 there is reference to attaching a drainpipe end. This is the black thing. The black drainpipe section covers the jam jar lid.
    There are a couple of photos in step 4 showing it in place.
    Hope that helps.


    3 years ago

    I thought I messaged you earlier. But do you think there is anyway to make this where the liquid in the jar can actually come down through the tip like an actual syringe?

    Sorry, i only just saw this. as others have said ebay is your best bet, i was looking for a while before i found mine, its just a case of looking on ebay until you find one.


    Reply 4 years ago

    This is a little late but you can get a pump handle like this one from eBay for about 15 bucks


    5 years ago

    cool though I have only played Bioshock infinite


    5 years ago

    How much are you asking for the syringe?


    Daaamn, this is soo sick!
    I want to dress up as a Little Sister for comic con but I'm having difficulties looking for good cheap petrol pump handles :/

    1 reply

    6 years ago

    Ill buy one. How much did u pay for the nosle


    6 years ago

    Great job!!!!


    6 years ago on Step 5

    Why do you cut off the original nozzle and then put on a PVC one?

    1 reply
    backwards lambReddWolf

    Reply 6 years ago on Step 5

    I had two pumps and they had different nozzle lengths so I made them out of PVC. Also sticking in the needle was easier if they were both the same material. ie. plastic to plastic is better than plastic to aluminium.

    And as a final note the PVC was nice and smooth but the original nozzle was all battered.

    Hope that helps.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! I'm looking to buy one, because I'm very un-handy with tools and making things. How much would you be looking for as a reasonable price?

    Big daddy94

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I am a major bioshock fan I have collected every peace of memorabilia I can get my hands on and I would love to have one of these in my collection contact me at with information and details thank you