How to Make a Lol Cat Picture

Well, i am sure you have all seen at least one lolcat picture. So i decided to make one of my own and teach you how to make your own.

Step 1: Step One.

First find a picture of something funny. i decided to use the instructables robot.

Step 2: Step 2.

Go to the site Here is a picture of the home page.

Step 3: Step 3.

Go into the lolbuilder function.

Step 4: Step 4.

Upload your funny picture and add a caption. :)



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    ... toilet roll tubes, FOSS, an Arduino or PIC, frickin' laser beams, hot glue, neodymium magnets, knex or LEGO, GMJboard...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    ...paracord, gorilla glue, CA, magnet wire, paintballs, airsoft pellets, old CD's, Swiss Army knives, good ol' hammer and nails...