How to Make a Loom Gymnast Charm




Introduction: How to Make a Loom Gymnast Charm

Hello everyone! In this tutorial I'm gonna show you haw to make a gymnast loom charm, hope you like it and please don't forget to ♥, comment, rate and follow, I have more charms in my profile :) Have fun!

Step 1: Materials:

For this charm you will need:
*A loom
*A crochet or rainbow loom hook
* 18 bands in the hair color
2 black blands
36 skin color or neon orange
34 clothe color
6 shoes

Step 2: Making the Bun :)

This are all double banded :)

Step 3: Placing

Double banded :)

Step 4: Holding Bands

Step 5: Looming

now your gymnast is ready !! hope you liked it! please ♥, follow, rate and comment! :D



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    12 Discussions

    Love it! So cute! I made Ella! Star Ballerina of the Year! ~MARYAM,Selena Gomez Fan~

    hehehe... i have no enough bands.... there's no selling bands here :(.. but i know it is very cute charm

    Yess, I loove tutorials by a, most of my charms and bracelets are from her!