How to Make a Lovely Beard to Coordinate With Your Dress.

Introduction: How to Make a Lovely Beard to Coordinate With Your Dress.

I am going to a music festival that encourages the wearing of fake beards, ( in order to break the world record for this activity).

It has given me the perfect excuse to use the sewing machine that I found in a skip.

I have never used a sewing machine before, so I guess this project can be put in the easy category.

I told my friend that I would make us beards from Fake fur.

She asked for a pink one and a blue one to match her different dresses.

It was a revelation . . . I would never have thought of any colour other than brown for a beard.

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Step 1: The Fabric.

Buying from the market seemed the best option.

I chose the brightest pink and blue and some brown for me.

It was  £4.50 per metre;.

i bought 3 lengths of a quarter metre.

Step 2: Marking and Cutting Out.

I used some wallpaper as a template and after a few attempts, got the shape that I wanted.

I layed this on the back of the fabric and used a magic marker.

I cut it out.

I cut the moustache separate from the beard and I thought that it would look better.

I was also toying with the idea of a velcro backed moustache that was removable but . . . this is my first burl on a sewing machine so I will save that for next year.

Step 3: Sewing Around the Edges.

I don't know what all the buttons and knobs do on this sewing machine but just look at it . . . . it's like a 50's cadillac; beautiful.

I sewed around the edges of the beards and then sewed on the moustache.

Next, I sewed a length of ribbon onto each side.

I sewed a square and put a cross through it because I always like the look of this when I see it on military clothing.

Step 4: Brown Beard- Slightly Different Design.

Ok, by the time I got to my beard I was realising the possibilities that a sewing machine offers.

I cut the beard slightly bigger and folded the edge over so that I was sewing a double thickness.

It gave a slightly fuller feel to the beard.

Also, instead of ribbons, I folded the top of the sideburn over to create a loop that would allow my spectacle arms to slide through.

This means that the beard just hangs from spectacles; no ribbon.

I then added some eyebrows to it.

Step 5: The Beards.

Which one would you wear ?

Step 6: The Beards in Action.

They were a success and a good time was had by all.

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    I love the title picture - it cracked me up! You have a very patient dog.

    The brown beard in step 4 is great; the model (you?) looks like a long-lost ZZ Top band member.

    This silly, fun project with very clear directions gets my vote.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Dear CatTrampoline,

    The labrador didn't really like it; therefore his beard was only on for a couple of seconds ( that's why the pics are blurry).
    He just looked at me, downcast,  as if to say,  
       ' Why are you humiliating me like this ?'
    so I stopped.

    Thank you for the comments and the vote.