How to Make a Minature (doll House)

Introduction: How to Make a Minature (doll House)


This instructable is aimed for younger kids. so that they can personalize their own doll house!
you will need:

a shoe box
colored paper
plain paper
card board
strong tape
note: i did not use a shoe box because i did not have one. just saying.

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Step 1: Wallpaper

You will need the shoe box, tape or glue, and colored paper for this step. Cut the colored paper of your choice the same length and width of the inside of the shoe box. Curl the tape over so only the sticky side touch the walls. make lots of tape curls until the paper is able to fully stick. then apply to the sides and wall, not the floor.

Step 2: The Floor

You will need Tape or glue, and plain paper for this step. Cut the plain paper the length of the doll house's floor. make 3 tape curls and put one on each side and one in the middle. The you may stick it to the floor. notes: you may use any color for the floor here i show red paper but it is white on the floor.

Step 3: The Picture

here i show you how to put a picture on the wall of your doll house. in this step you will need plain paper, scissors, and colored pens. Take the scissors and cut out a small square of paper. take a black pen and color around the edges so it looks like a frame. draw inside the box then make a tape curls to stick on the back. once your tape curl is on, you may stick the "picture" onto the wall.

Step 4: The Bench

Here i am showing you how to make a bench. You will need card board, scissors, tape, and colored paper. take a strip of card board and cut in half so that each piece is two inches long. lay that pieces touch each other. take a two pieces of tape and lay them so they touch each other. Make sure they are sturdy the take another scrap of card board and cut it in half. tape those to the bottom of the base of the chair and that will be the legs.Cut out colored paper the length of the bench and make two paper curls. stick the tape curls the paper and stick the paper to the bench.

Step 5: Paer Chest

take a piece of card stock. fold it on the sides but leave a two inch space in the middle.take scrap card stock and make a top and tape it down to the base. don't forget to tape the base to the wall.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

cut colored paper into tiny bits. set it around the chest and on top. make your own poster the same way you made the picture! have fun with your doll houses! after you can use polly pockets in your new doll houses! note: for this i use paper stars i had instead of paper. ps. it's a lot cuter in person!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cute doll house! You should put the image of the finished dollhouse first in the Intro step so that it appears in the thumbnail.