How to Make a Mini Booklet




Introduction: How to Make a Mini Booklet

Hi there. Here's an Origami 101 lesson: how to make a mini booklet. It'll have 6 pages, and it's not even that hard to make!

8.5" by 11" sheet of paper
Scissors (not pictured)

This project will consist of many different folds and such. Not that hard, though. 
Well, let's get to work!

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Step 1: Step 1: Downwards/mountain Fold

First, you just need to simply fold the sheet of paper downwards, from front-top side to front-bottom side. This is also known as a mountain fold. 

Sorry for my super-detailed description of the fold. I just wanted to be sure that you understood the fold. Please don't feel insulted.

Step 2: Left Crease

Now, you must crease the paper, from left to right.

So simple, it's ridculous.

Step 3: Mountain Fold Crease

You should have one crease in your paper. Now, you need to crease your paper again, this time by mountain folding it.

Simplicity is bliss.

This is what it should look like after creasing.

Step 4: Cut

Finally, lets put these scissors to use. Cut along the vertical crease to the middle of the paper.
Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT cut along the edge of the paper that is open. Cut on the CLOSED part of the paper. 
Yea, I know, that sounds confusing. Just look at the picture for a reference.

Step 5: Unfold

Now you must unfold the paper. All this is is a simple... erm... how could I put this in words... uh... unfold. Sorry, I couldn't think of another way to put it. But it should be season.
After unfolding, there should be a cut in the middle of the paper. If there isn't a cut in the middle, then you need to restart, and on step 4, cut on the other side of the paper.
Note: You can't see it, but there is a cut in the middle of the paper. Sorry :\

Step 6: Left-to-right Fold

Just fold the paper from left to right now. The paper should look thin, like the picture. 
You could also turn the paper sideways, like the second picture.

Step 7: Inwards Push

Final step! Hold your paper, and push the two sides of the paper inwards. The left side of the paper should be the back page, and the right should be the front.
Your final product should be the 2nd picture.

Step 8: End

Alrighty then! Now you have your own mini booklet with six pages. Well, that's not including the front and the back. So... yea.

Hope this was helpful!

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oh and I didn't make my profile pic I made the booklet


3 years ago

Very helpful - thanks! I had given up on a similar item (that did include page numbers that helped me understand the final steps). Your seemingly simple (to you!) explanations and pictures were perfect in helping me make this.

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Suhail suhail

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What cool very hot

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Suhail suhail

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