How to Make a Mini Clothespin Crossbow

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Clothespin Crossbow

In this instructable I will be showing you guys how to make a mini crossbow with only clothespins and rubber bands.

You will need:

3 Clothespins
About 6 rubber bands

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Step 1: Materials

You will need 3 clothespins and 6 rubber bands. And that must be the size of one of the 6 rubber bands.

Step 2: The First Part

Take one clothespin then take off the other half (we won't need it), also the spring. Then take the rubber band and put it on the half part then tie two rubber bands on the ends.

Step 3: Put the First and Second Piece Together Then Add a Rubber Band in Between.

Please make the rubber band tight so that it won't fall apart.

Step 4: Take the First and Second Piece and Connect It With the Third Piece With Rubber Band/s

Take a rubber band and tie it the end of the second piece then place the third piece in between. Then you have your mini clothespin crossbow.

Step 5: Optional

Add some rubber bands then tie it to tighten the pieces together. This will keep your crossbow from falling apart.

Step 6: Aiming and Shooting

Step 7: Finished!

Enjoy your mini clothespin crossbow!

P.S- Sorry for too much pictures, I wanted to show you guys every step, so yeah...

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