How to Make a Mini Fountain-stream


Introduction: How to Make a Mini Fountain-stream

How to make a mini fountain stream?

Instructables Photo & Video !

Step 1: In This Video I'll Show You a Brilliant Idea of How to Make a Mini Decorative Table Fountain-stream at Home With Minimum Expenses.

Step 2: To Make a Mini Decorative Table Fountain-stream We Need a Mini Water Pump, or As It's Often Called - a Water-circulating Pump, Which We Had Made in the Previous Video!

Step 3: If You Are in the Considerations of How to Make a Fountain or a Stream, This Tutorial, or a Video Lesson Will Show You the Whole Process of Making a Table Fountain-stream at Home.

Step 4: You May Place It in Your Room, and This Fountain Will Make You Happy Twice As Much, Because You Have Made It on Your Own!


Step 6: My Instructables Video : How to Make a Water-circulating Pump



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    Oh shoot, its not in the contest! Well I favorited it and followed you.

    Oh MAN, AWESOME! That rock is either a little soft or you have a really powerful drill but it looks fantastic. Have you ever read that recipe with Buttermilk and stuff that you paint on buckets or rocks, and some sort of moss starts growing there in about 3 days? that would be awesome. I voted for this. LOVE IT