How to Make a Motion Activated Doorbell




Sense People approaching up your drive with two pieces of cheap technology.
Minimal tools reqired:
Exacto Knife (Stanley knife)
Soldering Iron

Step 1: Parts:

PIR motion sensor
Cheap Radio Doorbell
Enclosure for the doorbell

Step 2: Take Appart the PIR Sensor

You only have to take apart the PIR sensor by unscrewing the axis clamp
Take apart the swivelling part and take out the the back circuit board (the power board)

Step 3: Solder the Wires Up

First find the relay (a large component (in the pic it is blue)).
Luckily the sensor circuit board runs off the same voltage as the doorbell.
Attach the two wires off the relay next to the sensor connections and use a multimeter to find - (should be the same as the blue wire.
Run the wires through the case of the sensor.
Solder the wires to the doorbell's battery connection.
Solder a piece of wire across the switch on the doorbell.

Step 4: Finishing It

Box the doorbell and seal with tape.
Close up the PIR sensor and mount both in the position of choice with a mains connection as said in the instructions.

Step 5: Test

When switched on The doorbell should ring when anything moves in its sensor area, it may work with cars also.

Step 6: Disclaimer

This instructable is submitted in good faith, playing with electricity is dangerous, you do this at your own risk, any damage caused is not the author's fault.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Any way this could be set up using wireless receiver, my friend lives in the Boonies and they want to be able to monitor traffic on their road (lives by a Y in the road) as its cottage country and a lot of places got robbed, he basically wants something to send signal from the road to his house and light up some LEDs so he could then go see what the vehicle looks like


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the article Guys\Girls. I spent almost the entire day looking for something similar to this. I was looking for the following: Connecting a beeping device to a motion sensor light please let me know if this is possible. I am thinking that the Beeping device can be a door bell and the motion sensor light is the same technology. I am only unsure about the distance I need to use this for: I want to install a motion sensor light with an addition cord connected to the sensor that runs to my room with a device that will beep when motion is sensed. The beeping can be anything irritating enough to wake me up if I happen to be sleeping. This will be a out door installation and I don’t exactly know what device I can use for the beeper and how I can connect the sensor and beeper. The reason why I am interested in this is because my car is parked outside and is very visible to people when the pass the gate. The distance between the gate and my car is about 15M. 2 nights ago someone tried steeling the car, they broke the small triangular window and they must have ran away when the alarm was triggered. My fear is that the car alarm only went off when the door was opened, this I know because the small triangular window was broken and the bid rear window was rolled completely down. I suspect that the alarm was triggered when the door was opened. That means the culprits could come back and jump into the car through the window and have lots of time to find and disconnect the alarm. The funny thing is that neither I nor the people I am renting the backroom from heard the alarm. I discovered that the window was broken the next morning and know that the alarm went off because it has a different beep when the central locking button is pressed. Please also feel free to make other suggestions that might server the same purpose. I don’t have much funds to spend at this time and I am renting a backroom so I want to avoid drilling holes or other complicated installation. To give you an idea what my place looks like: There is palisade fencing around the yard, as mentioned the car parks about 15-20 meters from the gate my room is about 15-20 meters from the car. It is halfway covered by a soft undercarriage cover with about half a meter space between the house and car and on the other side of the car there is a wall that goes to about half way past the car. In front of the car there is a steel door that cannot open. I always park my car as close to the steel door and house as possible. Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions.

    3 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Mine took around 2 hours to complete, incidentally its been working now for 3 years, and is really handy... It requires having the right stuff...


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Don't know if you ever got an answer to your problem but you can get a wireless IR sensor with voice greeting, bell ring, or both from Hong Kong for only $3.17/shipped! Search Ebay for item# 270640324943


    10 years ago on Introduction

    very helpful. I need some kind of sensor that's Not 120v, yet cheap. Thanks


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I've made something similar. I took a PIR activated security light and separated the PIR unit from the light housing. I rejoined them with a ten metre length of cable, put the PIR outside and the light unit in the house. Voila... it works the same as it did before, the only difference being that the two units are further apart. Great instructable though, and a lot more fun than my idea!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I like this. I eventually plan to connect it to an elaborate remote speaker that will play a dog barking when triggered. Its a plan, and i know it will take quite a bit of time! But thanks for this instructable!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    We put it round the corner so we could tell when deliveries were coming.

    I like that! I guess it'd be best to mount it directly over the door, pointed down.