How to Make a Multi Pointed Survival Spear




hi today im going to show you how to make a multi pointed spear. you can use this for spearfishing and primitive hunting. If you are wondering why i call this a survival spear with all the stuff its because you should have all that in a survival kit.


Step 1: Materials

the materials are: a hatchet, 3 nails, duct tape, a slingshot band and a straight stick.

Step 2: Get a Stick

for a spear you need a straight stick. this is important because it will make the spear accurate.

Step 3: Shave Off Bumps on the Stick

you are shaving the bumps off the stick because if one of them hit your hand it is painful (I learned that the hard way).

Step 4: Cut Stick on Both Ends

you do this so it is easier to attach nails and use the slinshot band.

Step 5: Duct Tape Nails to Stick

the 3 nails are all duct taped over twice and supported by two more pieces below them so that when it hits something the nails wont slide down so what im saying is support the nails really well.

Step 6: Shoot It!

you shoot it by holding the two loose ends together and pulling back on the pouch while th stick is in it you then let go of the pouch and it will shoot. you can;t really aim it  you have to guess where it is going to shoot. if you are going to spear fish wax it with hockey wax so the stick doesn't rot.

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    haha hi everyone sorry i just found a comment on this in my gmail and realized that i was 10 years old when i made this!

    You know it looks kinda dangerous don't you think but its pretty kool and all! ;)

    You should make sure to use concrete nails, instead of standard wood nails. They are much less prone to bending if you accidentally strike something hard.

    3 replies

    Your choice, but finishing nails are even more likely to bend than standard construction nails. Concrete nails are infinitely stronger, given the material they're designed to be used with. Miss your target animal/fish and hit a rock and the concrete nails will come through unscathed, probably not something that can be said about finishing nails.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I enjoyed reading your Instructable. I do have a couple of comments that you may want to incorporate into your next version of your spear. First thing would be to cut a notch in the end of your stick where the nails go. Make it to the head of the nails have a flat surface to support them - then your duct tape might hold them in place better.

    The second suggestion is to attach your slingshot bands to the other end of your spear. This would convert it into a Hawaiian sling which is very powerful over short distances and is easy to aim. This works spear-fishing as well as for short jabs on land. I've taken rabbits with such an arrangement before.

    Good luck

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good efforts! If you want to increase your range, dont rely on energy stored in your slingshot band, rather improve the manner with which you transfer energy from your throwing arm to your projectile by using a spear-thrower or atlatl. There are reports of 4X range increase using an atlatl. It takes some getting use to though!
    see the link:

    Further, you might want to alter your spear tip slightly, for spear fishing the tip is usually split into three or four segments, separated and sharpend independantly.
    see the link:


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just got an idea. I wonder how hard it is to make an atlatl?