How to Make a Multi-scarf Dress




Introduction: How to Make a Multi-scarf Dress

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This beautiful silk scarf Dress offers you, many differents ways to wear them. You can wrap as a skirt and as a dress, very comfortable and sexy too.

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Step 1: You Will Need.

1. Fabric: printed silk

2. Scissors

3. Pins

4. Straps

5. Sewing machine

Step 2: First Step.

The first image would help you to understand a little bit more :)

Picture #1 and Picture #2: Like I'm measuring the excedent pin what you need to cut.
                                             Mide  la tela y marca como yo para luego cortar el excedente.

Picture #3: Pin it and mark
                    Ajustar con alfileres y marca donde debes cortar

Picture #4: Then cut the excedent
                    Ahora corta el excedente

Picture #5: On the other side pin the fabric together as you can see
                    En el otro lado ajusta con alfileres como puedes ver en la foto.

Step 3: Second Step.

Picture #6 and Picture #7: These are places where you need to sew

                                             Los lugares donde debes coser

Picture #8 and Picture #9: Make the hem for this part

                                             Haz el dobladillo en esta parte

Picture #10 and Picture #11: Now sew the other side

                                                 Ahora debes coser el otro lado

Picture #12 and Picture #13: Cut the same measure of a strap or ribbon

                                                 Corta la misma medida de cinta

Picture #14 and Picture #15: Place the ribbon like you see in the picture

                                                 Coloca la cinta como lo ves en la foto.

Step 4: Third Step.

Picture #16 and Picture #17: now sew on the fabric

                                              ahora debes coser

Picture #18 and Picture #19: and you're finish :D

                                                 lo termianste! :D

Step 5: The Many Ways You Can Wear It.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Maravillosa idea, y explicacion!! te queremos!! Gyannyl