How to Make an IPhone Headset Mic Holder for an Acoustic Guitar.



There are so many good music apps out there and you have to go through hell to rig a mic to work with your iPhone. So I decided to just use the one Apple gave me. Now i can record my music on the go or when I'm in my nearby Tokyo park. Of course I'd rather be recording at home but we never know when we are hit with insertion. Hope you find this useful.


Step 1: What You Will Need

1- Cutting board
2- Felt
3- Wood glue ( don't  just use any glue in the house )
4- Wood ( I used wood from the 100¥ shop ( Dollar store )
    1cm x 4mm x ~
    4mm x 4mm x ~
5 - Knife
6 - Square
7 - Chisel
8 - Clamps
9 - * Any choice of finishing materials, I used paint and wood stain

Step 2: Cutting Your Pieces of Wood

i     Step 1: Cut ( 2 )  9cm x 1 cm x 4 mm pieces. Cut the ends at a 45 degree angle, mark the center and the center 3 cm.
     Step 2: Cut ( 2 ) 10cm x 1 cm x 4 mm pieces. Cut the ends at a 45 degree angle, mark the center and the center 3 cm.
     Step 3: Cut ( 2 ) 3 cm x 1 cm x 4 mm pieces
     Step 4: Cut ( 2 ) 4mm x 4mm x 6.2 cm pieces.
     Step 5: With the chisel or a knife CAREFULLY!!!!  thin out or carve the wood as shown in the picture. For the 9 cm and the 10 cm pieces, leave the center 3 cm alone. As for the 4 mm x 4mm pieces leave the first 3 cm alone.

* Make sure you measure your guitars soundboard width and check the soundboard bracing. You might have to change the design  to suit your guitar. My two Martins are very different, I had to " cut twice and curse once "
Also for the 4 mm x 4mm piece measure your headphone wire to get an idea of how much to cut away.

Step 3: The Easy Part !!!

     Step 1: Glue the 9 cm piece to the 10 cm piece sandwiching the 3 cm piece in the middle  as shown. Set it in a clamp to let try as the glue manufacturer directs.
     Step 2: When first pieces are completely dry glue the 4 mm x 4 mm piece to the face of the 10 cm piece.
  * You need two of these!

* Make sure that you wipe off any extra glue because it may interfere with the finish you choose.  Also, Make sure that the 4 mm x 4 mm piece has the carve side facing the 10 cm piece.

Step 4: Choose Your Color

Now that everything is all dried, if needed sand lightly to prepare for the finish.  Choose your finish and get at it.  After thats all dry and looking good, now just glue the inside the spaces ( gap ) and glue the felt pieces in the gap to prevent your guitar's soundboard from being damaged. Let dry and your done!




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