How to Make a Nerf Gun Into an Airsoft Gun




This is how to make a normal, front load nerf gun into an airsoft gun!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Tools: Scissors 

Materials: any front load nerf  gun,
any nerf dart (streamline dart is preferred),
a pen 
and airsoft BB's

Step 2: Cutting Off the Top of the Bullet

All you have to do is either cut off the top of the bullet or just rip it off with your hand

Step 3: Cutting and Inserting the Pen

First rip off the front of the pen then insert it into the bullet then cut off the access pen 

Step 4: The Finished Gun

Now all that you have to do is put the bullet into the gun normally and your done!!! 

Step 5: Firing the Gun

now just put a BB into the bullet, cock the gun and shoot!



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