How to Make a New Type of Dancing Vibrobot Which Can Even Fight.

Introduction: How to Make a New Type of Dancing Vibrobot Which Can Even Fight.

This instructable is a great instructable, you don't need any micro controller or ic and it is extremely easy to build.

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Step 1:

Materials required :-

1)1x Double sided tape.
2)1x Normal tape.
3)1x Brush less motor.
4)1x Small Li-PO rechargeable battery.(I used one from indoor flying RC helicopter.)  
5) Some thin wires.
6)1x Scissors.
7)1x Charger for small Li-PO rechargeable battery.(I used indoor flying RC helicopter's chip to charge it.)

Step 2: Motor and Wire

First take a brush less motor, You can get it from RC car's chip It should not be very slow, you can also buy it from internet.

Now take a wire and attach to the motor on both positive and negative.

Step 3: Battery

Now take a small LI-PO battery and attach it to brush less motor with the help of double sided tape.

Just put two small squares of double sided tape on battery and stick it to the motor.

Step 4: Make Wire Connection

Now you have two sets of wire one of motor and one of battery.
Attach positive wire of motor to positive wire of battery.
Attach negative wire of motor to negative wire of the battery.
After that put a small square of double sided tape to the front side of motor.
Now stick the wires with it with it.

Step 5: How to Make a Switch

Just cut the positive wire from between.

Step 6: Put a Gear

Now put a gear at the bottom of it. You can get it from your RC car.

Step 7: Completed Instructable.

Now this is the completed instructable.

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