How to Make a Nice, Simple Paper Stunt Plane




These are the complete instructions to make an awesome paper airplane that does stunts. All you need is one sheet of paper! (This is my first instructable, so please leave suggestions in the comments.)

NOTE: This plane is not a dart, so it won't fly if you throw it too fast. Also, as with any paper airplane, a tiny mistake could cause it to curve in flight.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:

1 piece of paper.
A hard work surface (like a table).

Step 2: Crease

Crease the paper in half lengthwise, and then unfold.

Step 3: Making the Tip

Fold the top corners down to meet the crease in the middle.

Step 4: Folding in Half

Fold the upper part down, so that the tip is touching the bottom of the center crease. Basically, you are folding the paper in half downwards.

Step 5: Fold Corners Down

Fold the corners down, just like you did in step 3.

Step 6: Fold Tip Up

Fold the tip that is sticking out from between the corners up.

Step 7: Fold Top Tip Down

Fold the top tip down, so that there is 3 inches left at the bottom (see notes on the picture)

Step 8: Flip the Whole Thing Over

Flip the whole thing over, so that the side without any folds is up. check the pictures to get a sense of what your plane should look like at the moment.

Step 9: Fold in Half

Fold the plane in half so that you can see the fold of the plane.

Step 10: Fold the Wings

Fold the wings down. Look at the pictures to see how.

Step 11: Fold the Stabilizers

Fold the stabilizers up. These keep the plane from spinning in the air.

Step 12: Put the Wings Up.

Fold the wings and stabilizers up, so that it looks like a normal paper airplane.

Step 13: Finishing Touches

Now you should add some elevators. These are little flaps on the back of the airplane that are pushed up. Elevators add lift to your aircraft. Having a lot of them causes enough lift to make the plane do a loop in the air.

Step 14: Throwing!

Now you have a great stunt plane in your hands. But how does it do stunts? This is a crash course on how to pilot this paper airplane.

First the very basics. You have to throw this plane slowly to have a stable flight. If it dives, put the elevators up higher.

Now for some tricks.

To make it do a small stall, and then flip over and glide down, throw it almost straight up, just a tad forward.

For a large loop, throw it straight up, but this time a little backwards.

To make it do dips, throw it straight.

Remember, with all of these tricks, throw it slowly!

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32 Discussions


2 years ago

yeah boy


2 years ago

Not a bad plane! :)


4 years ago on Introduction

An AMAZING plane btw if you angle it down slightly and throw softly the elevators will make the plane go up and do cool stunts


7 years ago on Introduction

dude, ur awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!
d best airplane ive made in my entire life
just luv u guys :)
thnx :D


7 years ago on Step 14

I love this plane! It's works SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well!


8 years ago on Step 14

My evelator is diffrent to yours but still, is a stunt plane.


9 years ago on Introduction

when i used to make airplanes this was the one i made, i have forgotten how untill i saw this! thanks!


9 years ago on Step 14

oh also.... if thrown slightly angled to one side (I'm right handed to i angle left) and thrown not too softly ever so slightly upwards, it should turn in the direction angled, and return to you. amazing plane mate, gona try to learn to make off by heart- show it off to mates :)


9 years ago on Step 14

Amazing! finally a simple to make plane that can stay in the air for a while AND do some tricks. Also, to do a tight loop, hold by your leg upside down (elevators sticking away from you) and throw it upwards fairly hard (sometimes works better softly, depending on how folded) plane should do a tight loop and return to you at about knee-ankle level.