How to Make a Night Vision Airsoft Scope!

Introduction: How to Make a Night Vision Airsoft Scope!

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For those times when flashlights won't cut it.

Step 1: Background

It all started when I began competing in airsoft,I found the joys of having my favorite guns without the licenses and papers. Now I began seeing night vision Scopes and thought hey I think I'll but one for my AR15. So I did a quick search online and found the cheapest of the Scopes to be thousands of dollars , suddenly realizing that led me here.

Step 2: Materials

1. Two 40-44mm scope rings
2. One night vision toy
3. Four #8-32 3/4 in machine screws
4. Eight #8-32 nuts
5. Four #8-32 lock washers
6. Picatinny rail

1. Phillips screwdriver
2. Portable drill
3. Assorted drill bits
4. Ruler
5. Pencil
6. Drill press
7. Grinder
8. Bench vise
9. .64mm aluminum sheet metal
10. Jig saw
11. Assorted jig saw blades
12. Center punch
13. Hammer
14. Gloves
15. Goggles

Step 3: Disassembly

Take out the bottom seven screws. Put them in a bag with the top half, seal the bag.

Step 4: Holes

Find the drill bit that is slightly smaller than the #8 screw and drill on the four indents with the drill press.

Step 5: Metal Bracket Adapter

After you finish the bottom plate of the scope you need to cut the aluminum sheet to about 21/2in by 3 in. Then match the holes, mark them, punch them and drill them.

Step 6: Mounting

Put the bolts in the holes and then screw the nuts on then screw this into the mounting bracket.

Step 7: Mounting the Scope Rings

Take off the plate.
Disassemble the scope ring in half, space accordingly on the picatinny rail then trace on the plate. Punch the holes and then drill the holes for the screws and mount it.

Step 8: Finished

These are pics of the finished product the lights are invisible but can be caught in camera. The green one is a house plant in complete darkness. Cool huh!

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    In step 1 u put but instead of buy


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    I step 1 u put but instead of buy


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    In step one


    this is my first instructable please feel fee to comment on mistakes