How to Make the One Motor Walker (without Bicore)





Introduction: How to Make the One Motor Walker (without Bicore)

Hi guys, maybe some of you are familiar to Jerome Demers one motor walker and  other one or  two motor B.E.A.M walkers. This project is highly inspired by those things. The idea  is to build  a walking machine that has similar gait to one or two motors B.E.A.M walking robots . The oscillating motions on the legs of B.E.A.M walker produces by an amazing small circuit created by Mark Tilden called bicore. In this project, the oscillating motion produces by linkage mechanism. The reason why I designed this mechanism because I had very basic knowledge about electronic back then, and I was really excited to be able to build a B.E.A.M walker. It was a big challenge that I finally completed through some experiments.

Step 1: The Mechanism

Step 2: Parts Needed

(1x) full rotation micro servo
(2x) jumbo paper clips
(1x) small paper clip
(2x) terminal blocks (3mm)
(1x) terminal block (4mm)
(1X) used aluminium curtain rail
(1X) random plastic bar
Iron wire (2 mm)
Double-sided tape
Brass tube
(1X) small zip tie
(1X) battery holder (2 x AAA)
(2X) lock nuts (3mm)
(3X) nuts & screws (3mm)
(1x) nut & screw (4mm)
(5x) washers (3mm)
(1X) washer (4mm)

Step 3: Parts Maps

Step 4: Tools

Hot glue gun
Multi function tool

Step 5: Body

Step 6: Front Leg

Step 7: Rear Leg

Step 8: Mounting the Legs

Step 9: Linkages

Step 10: Mounting the Linkage

Step 11: Final Touch

Finally just connect the wire directly from  servo to batteries, then the robot will roam your living room :)

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2 years ago

Beautiful and clever, I built a cicada robot with 2 servos,
here's a video:

Thanks :)


2 years ago

meegavum nantru


susah buatnya

Well, I could repair the ant. It have problems of traction in back legs and too much swing in forwards leg.


Can someone point to a source for the Continuous Rotation Micro Servo?? Major thing needed!!


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You see this one...?

Hi, I made a prototype but it cant walk in forward direction, and tend to round to the rigth. Anyone can help me, thanks

I really love this. I made one over the weekend and although there wasn't much in the way of explanation, I managed to get walk. I actually enjoyed trying to work out and solve the few places in the build where I couldn't quite work out what you did.

Great job!

Here are a couple of pictures. I have changed the legs now and they look at little like the ones in your YouTube clip. Do you have any plans to do another Instructable soon? I'd love to see how you did the avoidance one.

photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpgphoto 3.jpg

where can I buy the continuous micro servo (I live in Ontario Canada)

I believe there's possibility to make it move in all directions. So far I've been making the version that backups and the version that turns to one direction when it hits obstacles.

Fantastic tutorial ! Well documented and I love the image annotations with the 'tools' needed. Best one I've seen. And what a great robot ! Simple yet so effective :)
Thanks and keep up the hard work !!

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