How to Make a Ottoman Out of Plastic Bottles


Introduction: How to Make a Ottoman Out of Plastic Bottles

How to make a Ottoman of plastic bottles.
I am not responsible if you sustain any injuries because of this build.

Step 1: Preparation

The tools you will ned to complete this are very simple:
Hot glue
hot glue
Weights (to make sure the bottles don't separate when you try to glue them together)
10 one liter plastic bottles
1 two liter plastic bottle

Step 2: Base

To prepare the base you will to line up the bottles like in the second picture. Carefully add a even amount of glue to the seam in between the bottle and roll them so the parts that has glue on it is crushed between the bottles. The line up the bottle in two's like in the first picture you should have a even space around each set. Later on I added a extra bottle for stability, all you have to do is slide the bottles over a little bit. If you decide to do this then you should ensure there is a lot of glue in the seam. Place them around the two liter bottle and glue the pairs to the bottle.

Step 3: Second Layer

To make the second layer you need to flip the bottles over. It should be almost a perfect match. Be careful to apply ore than enough glue to the bottles so they don't fall off. Then they should fit right between the pairs of bottles. Some might need a little space, but thats all right. And there you have it one functioning ottoman !!! The slot in the middle is perfect to put a drink in. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    10 Discussions

    I can't figure out which side is the top, is this upside down?
    Ottoman = footstool....can we get a photo of it in use, and another photo with the optional drink holder function?

    ummmmmm i might sound stupid asking this, but, whats an ottoman?

    Love your idea as a recycling project or what to do with all those annoying plastic bottles. Do you think you could make a bed for the house or a float for the pool?

    You can wrap duct tape all around it - it makes it look better. Nice idea - I have tons of these bottles!

    A neat idea, but a couple of suggestions: the upper bottles look like they would splay outwards with any pressure, so perhaps something cinching them inwards would be useful; also, a coat of paint or other decoration would make it look more finished.

    1 reply

    It isn't I still havent finished the top and the glue fell apart, so i will complete it and update it when it is done.

    It looks unfinished. A third of the top is missing and simple plastic bottles glued up with no decoration looks like a pile of trash or someone's attempt at modern art. Also it looks like this might be a bit tall and crushable. One should be able to sit on an ottoman. As for the height you must have taller chairs than I do. No offense but this does not seem like a finished project.