How to Make a Paper Clock and a Gift Box From an Old Plastic Clock

Introduction: How to Make a Paper Clock and a Gift Box From an Old Plastic Clock

This is how our final up-cycled product will look like. I got this old clock from a friend of mine, and since
it wasnt working I thought I could upcyle it into
something that she would like and keep.

Materials You will need for this project

Super Glue
A printer
Craft Knife
3D tape
Double sided tape
Mounting paper
Graphic software

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Step 1: Product Used

With my set of tools, I unscrewed all the components
of the clock. A little Idea sketching helps as well by giving some
sense of direction to follow.

Step 2: I Make a Pattern

In my case i used Photoshop to quickly make a pattern
with the Tsidi's name. To print the correct size, I simply use "trial and error". I print a
bow with different sizes till i get the correct size I want.

Step 3: Cutting Out Images and And Gluing Them Together.

This is where good planning comes into play. Planning  properly
helps prevent mistakes, yet mistakes are good as well as long as you learn from them. With projects like
this feel free, be comfortable and have fun !

Step 4: Make Mistakes

This is a fun project, hence mistakes are welcome. Also i always
teach myself never to throw away anything, you never know when
it might come handy ! So all the scrap papers just keep them till
you are done with your project !

Step 5: Gluing Together

I use super glue to glue all the pieces together. Pritt glue also comes handy at this stage.
Super glue is messy, so make sure hands are clean all the time.

Step 6: Final Product

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